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on going polls graceadmin Aug-09-08 01:41 PM
by muffin
How often do you have ob's? (This is for genital hsv1 only) Please al... muffinadmin Apr-18-15 03:18 PM
by HSV1inTO
How often are you having recurrences of hsv1 genitally? this is a 2nd... graceadmin Apr-18-15 03:16 PM
by HSV1inTO
Oral herpes ( hsv1 only ) - how often are you getting recurrences? graceadmin Feb-24-15 06:30 AM
by Marko Marko
Herpes on the Buttocks Only bwawk Jun-20-14 05:15 PM
by Raven00144
Oral hsv2 recurrences ( confirmed by a lesion culture for hsv2 - not j... graceadmin Jun-15-14 06:41 AM
by bwawk
Acceptance. How often when you have had the "talk" with a potential r... graceadmin Dec-22-13 08:21 AM
by alleytatinanthony
Have you ever transmitted your herpes to a partner? ( please feel free... graceadmin Dec-22-13 08:18 AM
by alleytatinanthony
Depression and herpes - it's a common theme here - let's talk about it graceadmin Dec-22-13 08:12 AM
by alleytatinanthony
If you know when you got herpes, had you been drinking alcohol or unde... muffinadmin Aug-02-12 01:45 PM
by muffin
How often do you have ob's? ( this is for hsv2 genitally only in this ... [View All] graceadmin Jan-20-11 06:22 PM
by wema
Did you know cold sores (with and without an active blister) can cause... muffinadmin Jan-20-11 06:07 PM
by wema
Have you ever been tested for std's thinking that it included a test f... muffinadmin Jan-16-11 05:17 PM
by pinky1010
How long did it take for you to get to "ok, I can live with this" abou... muffinadmin Aug-25-10 01:00 PM
by Bettee21
How would you rate your experience with the medical provider you saw ... graceadmin Jul-24-10 11:40 AM
by SeasonOfChange
Prior to your initial HSV2 diagnosis had you ever had an HSV2 blood te... twinkletoes Jul-22-10 09:58 PM
by SeasonOfChange
Low positive hsv2 results. If you've had one and were advised to get ... graceadmin Nov-27-09 09:14 AM
by Lenore
Knowing what you know now about herpes, would you take suppressive ant... Angelika Apr-22-09 08:33 PM
by Angelika
BV/yeast - Since getting herpes, have you experienced more incidence o... auntiejessiadmin Apr-20-09 05:17 AM
by Raven00144
Herpes antivirals - acyclovir, famvir and valtrex for genital herpes (... graceadmin Feb-20-09 10:02 PM
by notabigdeal
How did you find HHP? graceadmin Oct-21-08 08:57 PM
by kms75

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