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Conferences Alternative Treatments Topic #344
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Member since Feb-22-05
1 posts
Mar-01-05, 10:10 AM (CST)
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"New Lectroject Thread"
   I would like to hear about continued updates with the lectroject user results. Please make this thread available for us to communicate.

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New Lectroject Thread [View All] 0303 Mar-01-05 TOP
   RE: New Lectroject Thread bjork Mar-01-05 1
   Its not you guys . . . howladmin Mar-01-05 2
      RE: Its not you guys . . . bjork Mar-02-05 3
          Don't hesitate to contact them directly howladmin Mar-02-05 4
              update on #4 bjork Mar-03-05 5
                  RE: update on #4 0303 Mar-03-05 6
                      RE: update on #4 bjork Mar-03-05 7
                          RE: update on #4 Ham Sandwich Mar-03-05 8
                              These IPs don't appear to be SA howladmin Mar-03-05 9
                                  RE: These IPs don't appear to be SA bjork Mar-03-05 10
                                      RE: These IPs don't appear to be SA 0303 Mar-03-05 11
                                          bjork chuck Mar-04-05 12
                                              #5 bjork Mar-05-05 13
                                              RE: #5 0303 Mar-05-05 14
                                              RE: #5 bjork Mar-05-05 15
                                              RE: #5 Donkey Mar-05-05 16
                                              RE: #5 bjork Mar-05-05 17
                                              RE: #5 Donkey Mar-05-05 18
                                              Aspirin and herpes thread in "Technical".. Rajahadmin Mar-05-05 19
                                              RE: Aspirin and herpes thread in "Technical".. Donkey Mar-05-05 20
                                              RE: #5 NaturalBeauty Apr-16-12 142
                                              Seven years ago... Rajahadmin Apr-16-12 143
                                              RE: #5 rodney Mar-06-05 21
                                              RE: #5 Ham Sandwich Mar-06-05 22
                                              good luck!! bjork Mar-06-05 23
                                              RE: good luck!! Donkey Mar-06-05 24
                                              RE: good luck!! 0303 Mar-09-05 25
                                              RE: good luck!! bjork Mar-09-05 26
                                              RE: good luck!! spirtual27tag Mar-10-05 30
                                              RE: good luck!! bjork Mar-10-05 32
                                              RE: good luck!! jorgy Aug-14-06 120
                                              RE: good luck!! windyadmin Aug-14-06 121
                                              RE: good luck!! Josh Mar-14-06 114
                                              RE: #5 Letraject spirtual27tag Mar-10-05 29
                                              RE: A couple notes about Transport Pharm and a question windyadmin Mar-10-05 33
                                              RE: A couple notes about Transport Pharm and a question bjork Mar-11-05 34
                                              RE: A couple notes about Transport Pharm and a question windyadmin Mar-11-05 35
                                              I've got an O' Scope.. Rajahadmin Mar-11-05 37
                                              RE: I've got an O' Scope.. cletus Mar-11-05 41
                                              LOL.. My first O-scope was a Heathkit.. Rajahadmin Mar-13-05 46
                                              RE: A couple notes about Transport Pharm and a question cletus Mar-11-05 36
                                              I looked at the website... Rajahadmin Mar-11-05 38
                                              One little thing about alpha particles howladmin Mar-11-05 39
                                              RE: One little thing about alpha particles cletus Mar-11-05 40
                                              RE: #5 racked Feb-26-06 111
                                              No, of course not.. Rajahadmin Feb-26-06 112
                                              RE: #5 Maria Oct-06-06 123
                                              NO! It's just one of many herpes related scams.. Rajahadmin Oct-06-06 124
                                              RE: #5 hdea Mar-01-08 135
                                              It doesn't work... Sorry, but It's a scam.. Rajahadmin Mar-05-08 136
                          RE: update on #4 lovely101 May-26-07 127
          RE: Its not you guys . . . MT May-26-05 102
              Caveat Emptor... Buyer be very aware... Rajahadmin May-26-05 105
      this is funny thought i would share bjork Mar-09-05 27
          Its funny how small the internet is! howladmin Mar-09-05 28
          ok heres the scoop bjork Mar-10-05 31
              RE: ok heres the scoop Rodney Mar-11-05 42
                  RE: ok heres the scoop bjork Mar-12-05 43
                      RE: ok heres the scoop rodney Mar-12-05 44
                          ozone and lectroject bjork Mar-13-05 45
                              RE: ozone and lectroject rodney Mar-13-05 47
                                  this is not good!! bjork Mar-14-05 48
                                      Not resistant to antivirals howladmin Mar-14-05 49
                                          RE: Not resistant to antivirals bjork Mar-14-05 50
                                          RE: Not resistant to antivirals bjork Mar-15-05 53
                                              Or you didn't get real acyclovir . . . . howladmin Mar-15-05 54
                                          RE: Not resistant to antivirals Pill form then? May-26-05 103
                                      RE: this is not good!! 0303 Mar-14-05 51
                                          RE: this is not good!! bjork Mar-15-05 52
                                              RE: this is not good!! wondering Mar-18-05 55
                                              RE: this is not good!! Donkey Mar-18-05 56
                                              RE: your ozone therapy desperate 1 Mar-18-05 57
                                              RE: your ozone therapy wondering Mar-19-05 60
                                              RE: your ozone therapy MT May-26-05 104
                                              RE: this is not good!! bjork Mar-19-05 58
                                              RE: this is not good!! bjork Mar-19-05 59
                                              RE: this is not good!! wondering Mar-19-05 61
                                              RE: question for wondering desperate 1 Mar-21-05 65
                                              RE: question for wondering wondering Mar-22-05 69
                                              What test is that exactly? Rajahadmin Mar-22-05 71
                                              RE: What test is that exactly? wondering Mar-29-05 74
                                              RE: question for wondering hsvsteve21 Dec-12-07 133
                                              RE: question for wondering Rajahadmin Dec-13-07 134
                                              RE: this is not good!! sweetman Mar-21-05 62
                                              hi sweetman bjork Mar-21-05 63
                                              RE: hi sweetman sweetman Mar-21-05 64
                                              RE: hi sweetman windyadmin Mar-21-05 66
                                              for windy bjork Mar-22-05 67
                                              RE: for windy windyadmin Mar-22-05 68
                                              RE: for windy Donkey Mar-22-05 70
                                              How is lectrojet going?? sweetman Mar-29-05 73
                                              RE: How is lectrojet going?? spot May-07-07 125
                                              I'm guessing that it works well for the people who.. Rajahadmin May-07-07 126
                                              RE: for windy windyadmin Mar-29-05 75
                                              RE: this is not good!! dontnowhat2do Mar-19-06 117
                                              It's a scam, please don't waste your money. Rajahadmin Mar-19-06 118
                          RE: ok heres the scoop Drake Mar-14-06 113
   RE: New Lectroject Thread spirtual27tag@aol Mar-29-05 72
      RE: New Lectroject Thread bjork Mar-30-05 76
          Thanks for the report, Bjork.. Rajahadmin Mar-30-05 77
   RE: New Lectroject Thread ecoastto12 Apr-04-05 78
   RE: New Lectroject Thread guest Apr-04-05 79
      So far... Donkey Apr-04-05 80
          RE: So far... wondering Apr-04-05 81
              RE: So far... Donkey Apr-05-05 82
              RE: So far... rodney Apr-05-05 83
                  RE: So far... bjork Apr-05-05 84
                      RE: So far... Donkey Apr-07-05 85
                          RE: So far... bjork Apr-08-05 86
                              RE: So far... Donkey Apr-09-05 87
                                  i am not doing anymore bjork Apr-12-05 88
                                      RE: i am not doing anymore Donkey Apr-12-05 89
                              RE: So far... BOUVARD Apr-17-05 90
                                  no more treatments bjork Apr-17-05 91
                                      RE: no more treatments jeremy Apr-23-05 93
                                          RE: no more treatments windyadmin Apr-25-05 98
                                              RE: no more treatments lovely101 May-26-07 128
                                              Blood tests for herpes.. Rajahadmin May-26-07 129
                                              RE: no more treatments windyadmin May-26-07 130
                                              RE: no more treatments lovely101 May-26-07 131
                                              Yes, I'm afraid you are right.. Rajahadmin May-26-07 132
                                      RE: no more treatments jono_tt Jun-15-08 137
                                          Please don't waste your money with this scam.. Rajahadmin Jun-15-08 138
   RE: New Lectroject Thread Della Apr-17-05 92
      RE: New Lectroject Thread Sweetman Apr-25-05 94
          RE: New Lectroject Thread howladmin Apr-25-05 95
          RE: New Lectroject Thread Della Apr-25-05 96
          Don't know if you saw the link.. Rajahadmin Apr-25-05 97
   RE: New Lectroject Thread Liten Apr-27-05 99
      Famous last words... Donkey Apr-27-05 100
          I hope this isn't a final farewell.. Rajahadmin Apr-28-05 101
              refund rodney Oct-29-05 109
                  Glad you got a refund, Rodney.. Rajahadmin Oct-30-05 110
                      RE: Glad you got a refund, Rodney.. nathatlie Mar-17-06 115
                  All things considered Prayer Apr-11-06 119
      RE: New Lectroject Thread nathatlie Mar-17-06 116
          RE: New Lectroject Thread athought Sep-12-06 122
   RE: New Lectroject Thread thejayman12 Jul-20-08 139
      Thanks for chiming in.. Rajahadmin Jul-20-08 140
   RE: New Lectroject Thread cure Jun-29-11 141
      RE: New Lectroject Thread, #2 needacure Jul-19-12 144
          RE: New Lectroject Thread, #3 needacure Jul-22-12 145
              RE: New Lectroject Thread, #3 needacure Jul-29-12 146
                  RE: New Lectroject Thread, #6 needacure Aug-01-12 147

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