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Subject: "Let's Cure This Together" Locked thread - Read only
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Member since Jun-26-06
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Jun-26-06, 01:34 AM (CST)
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"Let's Cure This Together"
   Hello everyone, I have had this annoying virus for about two years now. During this time I have thought about how am I going to cure this. I will never stop until I have succeeded. I have never taken any prescription drugs. Everyone has their own opinion on the drug world. The sad truth in my opinion is were on our own as far as cures go. There will never be a cure for any virus if we don't stand together and find one ourselves. Don't get me wrong drugs can be wonderful for quick fixes, but they are only really wasting people's money and destroying their health for people with so called incurable diseases. Why they call them diseases is so stupid to me. It's a virus not a disease, but the viruses can cause other conditions which then I think should be called a disease. These drugs will only supress us or maybe when enough money has been made we might see a vaccine, but never a cure. It's all about the money, trust me. I have 2 minor outbreaks normally within one month. Usually as soon as one looks like it has healed. My best results so far with experimenting has been taking fresh garlic cloves and eating them. You can also put the cut clove on the affected area, just make sure it is the cut side, and you can also cut more into it to make more of it's healing juice which is only made by cutting it or crushing it. It makes allicin when you do this. I bought the lectroject in desparation, I had no luck with it. It is just a scam in my opinion. I tried red marine algae, it supressed the virus for about 2 months, but I was on a bad eating plan. I have taken quickclear capsules for 3 months with no luck. Choraphor is good only for your visible outbreaks which it makes it heal effectively. I have tried the prunella vulgaris and DMSO and it didn't work for me. Right now though I think I might be heading in the right direction. I have discovered this so called ph balance factor and another crucial element which is the lifeforce of us all "oxygen". I am currently trying to get a high ph of about 7.7 to maybe if possible without damaging myself an 8.0 along with increasing oxygen. There are problems though. I have a bad addiction towards junk food and acidic forming foods. These acidic forming foods are the tasty things everyone loves, all meats, sweets, grains, all dairy, and many other things. Most raw fruits and vegetables are alkaline forming, but they need to be uncooked for best results. Another problem is getting enough oxygen to do the job. In my theory, if one can keep a high ph sufficient in killing the virus along with just the right amount of high concentration of oxygen this virus and any other virus in the body would eventually be eradicated and cured of the course of some time. Thanks to all who read this, I will keep everyone updated. For now keep in my mind that every living thing has a begining and an end, a weakness. Any living thing can be destroyed. I intend to prove and show everyone one day. I will not stop, it has become my obsession.


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Jun-26-06, 10:38 AM (CST)
1. "RE: Let's Cure This Together"
In response to message #0
   I think its great that you are trying natural remedies and I agree...we need to find a cure in a natural way because right now there is nothing else out there for us. Our society is taught that holistic and natural measures are not viable but in reality they are and I applaud you for taking the time to find out what works and doesnt for you. Good luck and keep us updated.

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Member since Dec-3-06
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Dec-03-06, 03:17 AM (CST)
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2. "RE: Let's Cure This Together"
In response to message #1
   That's great! Yes, I've always believed that there must be some kind of herbal medicine that can cure/suppress herpes. I am going to try the garlic groves and I will tell you the results later. Thanks for sharing ^^

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Mar-08-07, 11:57 PM (CST)
3. "RE: Let's Cure This Together"
In response to message #2
   More power to you!

Looking at it from a scientific viewpoint though... we need something that can destroy the latent state that herpes is in.

I've been giving how to do this a lot of thought (I'm a biology major... and premed; ironic, no?)

The main problem at the moment is we don't know what keeps the herpes virus latent. If we could figure that out, there would be two solutions:
1) Find a drug that activates the latent virus and then eradicate the infection (either through priming our own immune systems or using another drug)
2) Genetically modify a herpes virus strain to infect the same cells that normal herpes does, and have the genetically modified version express genes that keeps the original herpes virus silent forever. Or maybe even have it splice into the original herpes virus's genes, disabling it.

We can do it! Our immune systems fight off the flu every winter. The only thing that herpes has on the flu is that it has immune system evading genes. A little more research... pray for our scientists.

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Member since Mar-1-07
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Mar-09-07, 04:59 PM (CST)
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4. "RE: Let's Cure This Together"
In response to message #3
   LAST EDITED ON Mar-09-07 AT 04:59 PM (CST)
Hi hopingseeking,

Here's the link to a researcher's webpage which explains all the knowledge known by science about the latency of herpes simplex virus :


It really go deep into the concept of latency.

Hope you find it useful!


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Charter Member
15328 posts
Mar-09-07, 06:42 PM (CST)
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5. "Thanks, Syagrius.."
In response to message #4
I agree that is a rather comprehensive web site. Thanks for the link. I'm not quite sure that it rises to the "all knowledge known by science" level, but it's excellent.

"Do the Right Thing. It will gratify some people and astound the rest." - Paraphrased from Mark Twain

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Member since Sep-26-07
11 posts
Apr-21-08, 08:06 PM (CST)
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6. "RE: Let's Cure This Together"
In response to message #0
   I was in the technical forum for awhile because I thought that is where I would find some of the medically minded/biology types that knew more about the cell structure than I did. Nice to see there is someone else looking for a cure along the same mindset as me. If this is where a bulk of information sharing regarding a cure will occur I will hang out here for awhile. I also have the cure "obsession"... within my lifetime. I have tried dynamiclear,it did alright. Tea tree oil did the best for me to heal the OB. There's a smell associated with it, but the OB goes away in about 2-3 days. But that's all post OB. I'm more interested in prevention of OB or eradication of the virus. I looked into DMSO, but didn't want to try it. As far as I know DMSO hooks on to things to pass through a membrane. As a topical, it could help heal the skin if it has the healing agent mixed with it. It still doesn't get to the home of the virus in sacrum. If there is a known virus killer, DMSO may be able to get it through the membrane where the virus takes up residence. Internal damage of cells or tissue due to the DMSO? I don't know yet, still not willing to try.

Known virus killers? especially natural ones? ultraviolet light, garlic and vinegar. Apple cider vinegar appears to be better if there is a possibility of internal applications. But if there is sugar or other ingredients, that may not be best either. Correct me if I'm wrong (Females..? please?) isn't vinegar used in common douches? cleansing? Could this information be used to help? Light seems to kill the virus, however the virus is in a place where the sun doesn't shine. Does light kill the just the virus or the entire cell? Does vinegar or garlic kill cells? I haven't done enough research to try.. but.. if the problem with a cure is not being able to get to the source, what are the complications of a vinegar enema? If vinegar does not kill cells but does kill a virus,THEN I could see the usefullness of DMSO.. if DMSO does NOT harm the cell either. I'm still doing research before I subject myself to something like that.

until then, I've added this to my diet...
Oil and vinegar: $20
Garlic: $5
BHT: $12

Having less outbreaks: priceless
Not a cure, but seems to help with outbreaks. I combine 3 virus combatants in a tasty little treat. Garlic and vinegar alone was reason enough for me to try this recipe, without the addition of BHT.

I have made this little recipe about once every 3 days, sometimes using regular bread if I don’t have anything else. Olive oil and Balsamic Vinegar make a good dip for breads, I just add garlic powder but you can get fancy if you like.
Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar: any grocery store
Garlic; any grocery store

Additionally: there is claim that BHT helps in the fight of outbreaks.
“They used dosages in the 250 to 3000 mg. per day” seems like too much when compared to the recommended use on the bottle itself.
…as a preservative; “Add 1 capsule to 1 quart of cooking oil to preserve freshness”. I added it to the olive oil... to preserve freshness. The capsule didn’t dissolve so I opened it and poured the contents into a full bottle of olive oil.

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Charter Member
May-08-08, 02:40 PM (CST)
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7. "RE: Let's Cure This Together"
In response to message #6
   Hi onwiththeshow,

you posted "I have tried dynamiclear,it did alright"

Does that mean that you are no longer using it and it's not effective? Or would you recommend it?

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Member since Sep-10-04
6230 posts
May-08-08, 06:24 PM (CST)
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8. "RE: Let's Cure This Together"
In response to message #7
Please move this discussion about dynamiclear and other nontraditional treatments to the Alternative Treatments folder.

muffin ~ GHSV1 since 1986

muffin through the years...


Paragraphs are a wonderful thing.

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