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Dec-28-11, 03:08 PM (CST)
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"Ideas for an organized campaign to get quick results"
   First off, I am very pleased to see all the pro-active people on this site. I personally don't think we will be able to get a fast cure for this disease without getting government involved.
If the statistics are correct, there are between 50-70 million people in the US alone that are infected. This includes people of many professions, such as governors, congress representatives, and many people that can really help push this agenda.
We are all victims of this disease. None of us chose this. We all made a simple mistake at some point in our lives, and are paying for it dearly. We should not be ashamed.
Back to my point on the topic. What we need is an organized way to make our agenda heard.
We need volunteers to create effective government petitions:

1. We need a volunteer who has well knowledge of petitions and how they are processed. (Preferably someone with experience on the inside).
2. We need a volunteer to create a mass online campaign to bring attract people to the petition. (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.)
3. We would need some funding for the online campaign. We could even spread this out to a TV and radio campaign as well, but those can be more costly, and from my experience, you get more bang for your buck with internet advertising.

Any thoughts? Perhaps something like this already exists, but I have not heard of anything. Nor do I see any links anywhere. At some point, my idea would be that if anyone searched the term HSV, or Herpes on google, the first link that should pop up would be a link to the petition page.

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