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"Herpes Dating in Alabama"
   LAST EDITED ON Apr-28-17 AT 12:23 PM (CST) by Rajah (admin)
Both herpes virus type 1, typically called cold sores, and herpes type 2, commonly referred to as genital herpes, have infected many people. Alabama has the highest number of STDs in the United States. Herpes, however, is not amongst the state's top three sexually transmitted infections. Despite this, it is important to realize that there are many people living in Alabama with herpes and that means you have to be careful in your dating and sexual life. This applies whether you are infected with herpes or not.

Globally, 2 out of 3 people have Herpes Simplex Type 1 virus. Closer to home, the number of people with oral herpes is pegged at 16.6% and has been steadily rising. What does that mean for a person living with herpes who wants to date? It means a broader range of diversity, personalities, and sexual partners. It means there are more herpes singles out there! That, however, doesn't mean that you're restricted to dating people infected with herpes if you're positive. No, not at all. It simply means that herpes is becoming more common than it previously was. That means more of the community is learning about herpes every day. Myths associated with the disease are being dispelled on a daily basis. A higher number of people now realize that herpes-infected people are not necessarily immoral and that they are not just bodies full of sores. Instead, they can be fun-loving, interesting and well-to-do people fighting battles associated with their disease every so often.

Living with herpes could be an easy task. On some days, you might even forget you have the disease and not think about it for even longer periods of time. However, herpes dating could be completely different. You might find yourself thinking about how you are going to broach the subject to your partner. For some, the fear of rejection is worse, and they cannot even approach people they would like to get into a relationship with ¨C either in person or on social media. A lot of hypotheticals and little action could end up with you sitting out the dating scene altogether. However, all these things don¡¯t have to happen. Many herpes-infected people have successful relationships with both infected and non-infected partners. Others have been able to start families as well.

When living with herpes, it is important to know your trigger factors. These factors lead to herpes outbreaks. Some of them include ill health, stress, fatigue and loss of sleep. As time goes by, these factors decrease naturally as the body¡¯s immunity gets accustomed to the virus. However, learning your trigger factors and practicing a healthy lifestyle go a long way in avoiding recurrences. A healthy lifestyle includes your mental health too, which means avoiding the stress or anxiety that comes along with telling your partner that you have herpes.

It is advisable not to tell them right before sex as your judgment can be clouded then. Instead, wait for two or three dates and tell them then. This may not be the case, however, if you might end up having sex on the first date. If you see signs that you are, look for a suitable avenue and tell them then, before sex. Further, practice safe sex during your encounters. This decreases your partner's risk of herpes infection by 50%. Further, if he or she is already infected, friction during sex is a known trigger factor. You would want to avoid it.

Statistics have shown that enrolling yourself in a support group helps deal with therapy. You might not be able to join a local support group, but dating site for people with herpes supports you and also helps you get in touch with more herpes singles who also want to date.

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