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Member since Jul-24-12
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Jul-24-12, 08:24 PM (CST)
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So last weekend I went camping and I ended up hooking up with someone I had just met. I asked him before we began intercourse if he had any STD and he said no. I asked him several times and he said no.

One week later my vagina became a bit itchy. I went to my doctor today and he said not to worry it is most likely a yeast infection due to Plan B that I took the morning after the hook up. I also went night swimming and slept in wet bathing suit bottoms. The treatment for the possible yeast infection seems to be working because I am no longer itchy down there anymore.

I am prone to pimples/breakouts, and sometimes get them in the vaginal area. However, right as my vagina became itchy, I started to develop "pimples" but are they pimples? I do not know!

One of them popped and pussed white. One of them I popped and it pussed clear. And the third also pussed white. I do not have abnormal discharge, my vagina does not smell any different. The three "pimples" or maybe herpes are located at the front of my vagina a few inches below my stomach. They do not hurt. It does not hurt to go pee. But I was reading that some people do not have the same types of outbreaks.

Can someone please help? I am loosing sleep over this.

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Member since Sep-9-07
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Jul-25-12, 06:50 AM (CST)
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1. "RE: Herpes?"
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   This does not sound like typical HSV but the only way to know for sure is to have the sores swabbed/cultured and you need to do so within the sore's first 24-48 hours of appearance. HSV sores are clear filled and are painful. It is possible that you are having a reaction to sleeping in wet bottoms all night but you will not know for sure over the internet but only with proper testing.


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