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Subject: "Positive since last week and needed consultation.. Help me please.."     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Dec-12-12, 11:33 AM (CST)
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"Positive since last week and needed consultation.. Help me please.."
   LAST EDITED ON Dec-12-12 AT 11:34 AM (CST)
Hey guys.. how are you all ? I had this herpes simplex type one positively diagnosed. I was 21 and had taken a wrong step in when i was clubbing and met this girl and we make out after the party. I suffered from a mental breakdown and soon realized i can't able to tell my parents.The result was Herpes simplex positive type one and other STDs are negative.. Well.. it's not the end of the world but come to think of it..I needed friends and guidance from some people that had better experience on Herpes.. I currently staying with my friends and they aren't helping me and instead they kept on insulting me about this disease.. It stresses me a LOT..Made me smoke a lot..I had to care myself not to spread the disease to them and yet they kept on insulting me. What's the point?
Well.. after the incident.. i found myself a new girlfriend and i told her about it after we start dating for 3 weeks.. she was shocked and end up telling me not to worry and go have some medication.. I didn't expect she would say this thing to me.. and i thought that she will probably avoid me and end up breaking apart.. We went dating for a few times and i was VERY worried that i could spread the virus to her.. I read about the internet saying that i could spread the virus with or without the outbreak of cold sores..I was worried that i will transfer it to her..By sharing foods (at that time i still duno if i had Herpes).. She didn't bail out and instead she hold my hands when we dated..I did tell her that.. Aren't you afraid? I didn't hold yours because i was afraid.. Well.. she end up showing me the 'dont give a shit abt it' reaction.. "What's to worry ? I love you." My tears comes out and i cried on the spot and thanked her...It was embarassing but.. I was deeply touched..

Well guys.. I had few question regarding the disease.. could i spread the virus just by holding her hands? We havent start kissing or have any sex intercourse yet..Probably will never have it cuz i dont want to spread it to her.. So... Im worried sick because i dont want to spread it to her.. She is still young and have bright future.. she could had found a better one instead of having me as her bf. I feel like im a asshol*..

A)Lets say if i dun have any outbreaks/with an outbreak and i touches my mouth with my hand.. and the hand was used to hold her hands.. will it spread by this way? Seen her rub her mouth few times juz now.. i was quite worried.. Could you guys give me some help...? Im confused.. As for the cloth.. i rubbed my mouth with it and she lie on my shoulder which is the spot i rubbed my mouth.. Will it spread..? Im confused..

B)And by sharing food without an outbreak or with an outbreak.. Will it spread to her? Was worried as we share a bowl of Durian Ice Cream and we use separate spoon..
C) as for cooking utensil and eating tools such as plates , bowl , fork , spoon etc.. will it spread if i wash it throughly (after i used it) and somebody use it straight afterwards? My friends said it was normal and they kept on using it.. i was worried..
D) And as for clothes.. We using the same washing machine.. but we wash our clothes separately.. Will it able to transmit the virus to somebody who uses the washing machine?

Sorry for the long story.. I was quite depressed and i wish somebody would give me advices..I wish to share this with you all.. It calms me down a lot.. since i don't have any friends to consult with.. They always ignores me..

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