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Member since Feb-14-13
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Feb-14-13, 12:22 PM (CST)
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"Help with Highschool outbreaks"
   Hey guys, I really need some help/advice. I'm 16 and in Highschool. I've had many outbreaks since I was in 2nd grade. The sores are always extremely painful and embarassing. I beg my mom not to make me go to school when I get a sore, but she doesn't understand how much it truely affects me. Most of the time I try to stay positive and tell myself it will heal up and not be noticed, and I've accepted that I'll have it forever but I don't want anyone to know. There are so many immature boys and girls that would point it out and make fun of me, I just don't want to have that extra stress. I feel like I have really frequent outbreaks (every 2-3 months) that are probably due to extra hormones and stress. It's so embarassing. There are several boys that try to ask me out and I always deny them because I don't want to tell them I have herpes. I don't let myself like anyone for the same reason and it's tearing me apart. I know I'm only in highschool and there will be plenty other guys but my emotions are getting the best of me and especially my hormones. People always ask me why I don't date and I don't know how to reply. I'm really struggling and would like to know if there are any ways to reduce the amount of outbreaks and how to manage my emotions.

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Member since Mar-19-13
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Mar-19-13, 02:19 PM (CST)
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1. "RE: Help with Highschool outbreaks"
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   Hi Jasmine_8,

I'm new to this forum but I've been here before and I have read some of the information and I have looked at some of the forum posts in the past and was just stopping by here to see how things are going. I'll tell you a little bit about me. I'm a 32 y/o male heterosexual, monogamous, guy. For as long as I can remember I had cold sores aroumd my mouth...Since I was a young boy...9 or 10. I had cold sores around my mouth through all grades, including High Shcool For better or worse back in those days the internet was not so popular and we didn't have access to all the information that's out there. We heard about Herpes and other STD's in health class, but everyone was mostly worried about HIV and AIDS and having babies too young. Anyway, regardless of the facts and even though I didn't know that the sores were herpes....It was really hard dealing with them...especially the sort of embarrasment becasue I understand that other kids will point at them and make embarrassing comments and it can make you feel very awkward to say the least (They did it then, and I know they'll do it now. By the way, I just shook all that off, and it may not be easy at first but start trying it....Just brush it off). Eventhough this can be very tough on a young person like you...I REALLY REALLY want you to know that it's REALLY REALLY not so bad. You can live a VERY VERY happy life even though the sores come out sometimes. There are somethings that can help you and I know a few that I will tell you about that have worked for me and have helped me and I hope they help you. About your outbreaks every 2-3 months: That's not very often but I know it can feel that way. However, if you eat well e.g. lots of veggies and fruits and lean meats, enjoy some milk (there's lactose free if regular milk upsets your stomach), fruit juice, drink water regularly 5-8 cups of water per day at least and balance your carbs e.g. bread, pasta, and your fats..you know fried foods and that kind of thing, which you should still enjoy every now and then but just be mindful. Also get involved with exercise and/or sports and always make sure you get a good night sleep (at least 8 hours a night) and regularly in bed at a decent time like 10 PM in your PJ's getting ready for bed...This is VERY IMPORTANT, that you get some good sleep in the hours before Midnight that is. This is all to help you reduce stress in your daily life which is BY FAR the MOST IMPORTANT thing to do if you want to reduce the number of outbreaks to a minimum. All these things are not a cure and are not guaranteed to make the sores go away forever but I know that THEY WILL HELP you. I also use Blistex Medicated Lip Balm regularly as my chapstick. Another thing I do is as soon as I notice some tingle/pain accompanied by redness around my mouth which is normally in the morning after waking up, I apply rubbing alcohol to a Q-tip and rub it gently to the area and it helps to reduce the size of the outbreak (usually keeps the sores almost un-noticeable) and continue to rub a bit of alcohol with other clean Q-tips throughout the day and continue apllying the lip balm. This is not a form of treatment and I'm not a Doctor, but it helps me and maybe it can help you. And now about the boys that you might be interested in...I'm sure that there is more than one in your school that's worth taking time out to get to know. If they really like you and I'm sure that more than one of them probably do, they will understand. The truth is that most of them will get Herpes Type 1 some time in their lives if they don't already have it. It justs manifests itself in some people more than others (presently abut 75% of adults have it more or less). It's important that you can talk about that and all other things that are a part of you, and that they talk about all the things that are a part of them, like your interests and what you enjoy and don't enjoy not just sexually but all other aspects of your lives. When you get to know someone and you feel there's a connection then you should tell them before you have intimate contact e.g. kissing, etc. Well, I hope all this can help you, I'm sure some of it probably will. "Don't worry so much about it" is a lot easier said than done but try it. Find some friends who accept you the way you are, there's some cool kids out there. Go out and have a good time but stay out of trouble.

"Very trivial thing..this is"-Jedi Master Yoda

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