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Subject: "Constant outbreaks SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!! ADVICE AND CLOSURE NEEDED"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Member since Feb-20-13
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Feb-20-13, 12:02 PM (CST)
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Hi everyone,
I'm 18 years old and I have been dealing with herpes for months. Last summer i got a red mark on my lip that wasn't exactly a "sore" but i knew it wasn't a pimple. I had it for a while until it faded almost completely away. Now i'm in college, away from home, and i feel like i'm getting sores like once or twice a week. Everything i've read online says people usually only get out breaks like once or twice every couple months. Honestly, at this point i would be happy with that. I'm a scholarship college athlete and i'm extremely embarrassed. I use herpsin pretty much all day long like its normal chapstick. Is that a good idea? Once i get an outbreak, I use abreva and denavir to apply directly to it. I went to the doctors about 2 weeks ago and he told me to take 2 pills of generic valtrex twice a day, 12 hours apart during an outbreak. What is somewhat odd, my "sores" never really develop into anything huge. they're usually red bumps that look and pop just like pimples. Should i be taking something daily so it could do more to prevent me from getting it in the first place? somebody please help me out. i've been dealing with this by myself for so long and its about time i talk to someone who is going through the same thing.

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Member since Sep-9-07
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Feb-21-13, 10:20 AM (CST)
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In response to message #0
   Did the doctor look at and test these sores to know what they are? Not all sores on and around the mouth are HSV, so getting a good diagnosis is the key.

There are three antivirals along with their generics that can be taken for HSV--Acyclovir, Valtrex and Famvir. These drugs can be taken daily to help suppress an outbreak or taken as needed. These drugs have been studied and used for genital outbreaks. These drugs also have a safe track record-to use an athletic pun.

Any stress and/or trauma to the body can cause an Outbreak (OB) and the strenuous workouts that you are going through, may be causing these constant OBs.

As mentioned before, you need to know for sure what you are dealing with in order for you to treat and prevent properly.


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