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Member since Jan-24-14
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Jan-24-14, 04:04 PM (CST)
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   Hello, I am posting here because I fear I may have contracted Genital Herpes. I have not yet been to the Dr, though I plan too, I just haven't yet. I am a 24 yr old Male, sorry for the long post.

About 11 months ago a female I did not know previously to this night gave me unprotected oral sex. Obviously I wasn't thinking clearly and alcohol was very much a factor in that decision. Either way, just a night before I had shaved my pubic area for the first time, the next day or so I had itching, I presumed it was from shaving, so I kind of shrugged it off. A few months passed and I shaved again thinking oh if I keep shaving it then it will stop itching. After another few months the itching still didn't stop and I noticed a few dozen "white marks" all over my penis, after further inspection I determined these marks to be where the hair was growing. It kept itching, especially around the base.

About 6 months ago I thought I had what was an ingrown hair, not on my penis but in the area above where the hair grows, about equally between top of penis and belly button. I popped it and a black hair sprung out, so I assumed it was an ingrown hair, shrugged it off again. This entire time though in the back of my head I couldn't figure out why I was itching so much.

About 3 months ago along with the itching there was tingling in my scrotum, and rarely a little pain what felt like inside my urethra, it would last only about a second then go away. I started using antibacterial soap and baby powder which would help with the itching until about the end of the day, or unless I irritated it at some point in the day, in the past year it has not hurt once to urinate.

Just this past Tuesday 1/21/14 I woke up and noticed a single red bump in the same general (probably almost exact) spot as the last one that I thought was ingrown hair, I woke up Thursday morning to check back on it and it had popped while I was sleeping, so i washed it and put a bandaid over it. This time though I had not shaved recently, and cannot locate a hair coming out of it like the first time. It only hurts if i touch it, and it bleeds if i squeeze it.

My question is this could it be Herpes given how long my genital region as a whole has been itching. I am having a difficult time with it because it didn't start to itch until I shaved for the first time, and have shaved a few times since, but it was also the first time I had any type of intercourse, which is why maybe im freaked out about it. I was under the impression that symptoms like itching/tingling didnt last upwards to almost going on a year now. I have also been trying to test and maybe see if the itching had something to do with my underwear being to tight and it seems that when i wear loose underwear it doesn't itch nearly as much.

Any insight would be a huge appreciation, I do plan on going to the Dr, just at a rough time in my life and this is not helping anything. Thank you for reading and for your replies.

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Member since Sep-9-07
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Jan-25-14, 09:06 AM (CST)
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1. "RE: Advice?!?!?!"
In response to message #0
   Men and women can get many things in the genital area that can mimic a HSV outbreak--so not everything in the genital area is HSV, even for those of us that know we have HSV.

You need to be seen/diagnosed by a professional. HSV can linger if there is an underlying cause triggering it to stay active, but for the most part, it comes and goes. You may have ingrown hairs along with a bacterial infection that is causing your discomfort or any number/combination of things. At this point in time you should have any new areas swabbed/cultured and you can always take a blood test--just make sure any test results are TYPED as in HSVI or HSVII.


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