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Dec-30-11, 11:35 AM (CST)
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"Suppressive Therapy While Pregnant"
   Hi Grace

I was hoping to ask you a few questions. I am HSV 1 & 2 positive. I am pregnant and decided to have a C-Section because I am asymptomatic (never had a known breakout HSV 2 that is).

I will have a C-Section at 39 weeks. My doctor said I don't need suppressive therapy because I am having the C-Section but is going to have me do it at 36 weeks just incase I go into early labor.

He will be prescribing me 1 Valtrex 1000 a day. I thought the recommended was 2 / 500 a day. Could I just cut the pill? Also should I start them earlier because I am having the C-Section at 39 weeks and that would only have me on meds for three weeks?

Because I am having a C-Section is there any other possible way for the baby can contract HSV 2? I am just very concerned and worried and want to make sure I am taking every precaution I can.

One more question. Can you breastfeed? I am also very concerned about doing this because they say yes but as long as you don't have a sore. I did not know you could get HSV 2 blisters on your nipples or does this mean any type of crack in the skin? I know that can happen when breastfeeding. Would it just be safer to pump? Is there any dangers if I just pump?

Thanks for all your help.

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Jan-03-12, 12:38 PM (CST)
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1. "RE: Suppressive Therapy While Pregnant"
In response to message #0
if you are having a planned c section, no reason for daily suppressive therapy at all.

yes, you can breast feed your child ( and should!!! ). You can breast feed while taking herpes antivirals too if you should happen to have a recurrence and want to treat it. No reason to limit yourself to pumping - your herpes is not a risk to your child from breast feeding!!!

how were you originally diagnosed as having hsv2? Did we already go over your blood test results in the past on the main support forum?


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