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Member since Mar-8-12
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Mar-08-12, 05:08 PM (CST)
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"adopting baby, birthmother with herpes"
   my husband and I are adopting a baby, it is going quickly we just found out a few days ago and she is delivering (they are inducing her on March 12th)in 4 days.

we just found out today she has herpes, do not have any information about how long or when her last out break was.

the MD gave her meds to take weeks ago but she did not think she had to take them (because she was not having an outbreak) she says that she has not had one in "a while" the MD told her to start taking the meds immediately and recomended a c-section.

Birth mom freaked out and refuses to have c-section.

my husband and I are terrified. can you give us some guidance.
we are scheduled to fly 22 hours tomorrow to where the baby is to be born on monday.


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Member since Feb-27-12
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Mar-08-12, 09:53 PM (CST)
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1. "RE: adopting baby, birthmother with herpes"
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   hi lisa, i can see why you are worried, but it is very rare for the baby to catch herpes. if she is not having an outbreak at the time of delivery, then there is a 1% chance of transmission. if she is having an outbreak, and the doctor will check for this, then the doctor will insist on a c-section.
i think the west over heights book may have some info on pregnancy if you pop over to their website?

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Member since Oct-22-04
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Mar-09-12, 08:09 AM (CST)
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2. "RE: adopting baby, birthmother with herpes"
In response to message #0
   If she isn't having an outbreak when she delivers, she isn't going to pass herpes on to the baby. The idea is to take the antivirals during the last part of your pregnancy to avoid getting an outbreak.

If she has an outbreak, they can do a c-section. I'm not sure that she can refuse since it actually puts the baby's life in danger. Most women obviously aren't going to be conflicted by that decision and even a mother who is giving up her child for adoption isn't going to want to harm the baby.

The doctor should be able to tell if she has an outbreak when she is going to deliver and make that decision at that time and not just automatically decide on a c-section.

My first daughter was born premature with a normal vaginal delivery and I have HSV2 and didn't know that I had it when I delivered and she was fine. She's 28 now.

Best wishes to all of you

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