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Subject: "Oral HSV-2 Infection 2nd outbreak ever! 36 weeks preg."     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Jul-04-13, 04:24 PM (CST)
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"Oral HSV-2 Infection 2nd outbreak ever! 36 weeks preg."
   2 and a half years ago I had a HORRIBLE outbreak in the back of my throat and after weeks of antibiotics for "strep throat" a dr finally thought to do a swab for oral herpes and I came back positive for HSV-2, everything I read says that it is rare to have this. I have never had a outbreak genitally. All this time since I had the outbreak I have never had another one, I pretty much forgot that it happened. And then today I woke up with an itchy rash and cold sores all over and around my mouth. I went and saw the OB who gave me Valtrex. 1000mg once daily. Some things im confused about... why would it be all over my lips instead of in my throat where it was before.. why do I need meds if I don't have it vaginally.. why would this happen NOW, how long until the meds star working and will they? ( its my first time taking them) and has ANYONE else had anything like this or even have HSV-2 orally?? BTW the father of the baby and I separated early in pregnancy and I have has ZERO sexual contact in many months

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Jul-13-13, 05:38 AM (CST)
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1. "RE: Oral HSV-2 Infection 2nd outbreak ever! 36 weeks preg."
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actually oral hsv2 almost always reoccurs in the lip area and not in the throat area. this is pretty typical.

you should've been given 2 gm twice a day for 1 day for the recurrence. the dose you are on is the wrong dose for cold sores.

not unusual at all either for it to reoccur during pregnancy. your body is naturally immunosuppressed during pregnancy and it's too busy growing your baby to fight off herpes when it reoccurs.


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