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Aug-06-13, 08:53 PM (CST)
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"Valtrex for entire pregnancy?"
   I'm sure there is an answer in this forum somewhere, but I couldn't find it quickly. What's the going recommendation on using Valtrex for the entire pregnancy? I have taken it daily for the last few years, particularly since my husband doesn't have Type 2 ( although he hasn't been tested recently, so who knows!) However, with my onset of morning sickness in the past 3 weeks, I couldn't stomach it, so haven't been taking it. At my 8 week appointment, I told the nurse that I'd stopped taking it since it was making me feel more nauseous, but she didn't really seem to care either way. I didn't bother to raise it with my doctor, as I figured we'd chat about it much closer to delivery, and frankly, getting through the 12 week milestone has been more of a focus for me, particularly as a mom over 35... However, I just started to have an outbreak yesterday, so I started taking Valtrex again, but now I'm wondering if I should or shouldn't after the OB goes away. I'd always assumed I would continue to take it daily, as usual, despite pregnancy, to keep the risk to my husband as low as possible. Thoughts?

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Aug-07-13, 02:43 PM (CST)
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1. "RE: Valtrex for entire pregnancy?"
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just avoiding sex any time you have anything going on genitally keeps his risk to about 4%/year. It's rather low over all even with the minimalist of precautions.

can you take suppressive therapy your entire pregnancy? yes you can. totally up to you but remember to talk to your provider about upping your doses to the pregnancy doses during the last month of pregnancy. your body is naturally immunosuppressed during pregnancy so it takes more medication to make a dent in the shedding of the virus.

congrats on being pregnant and I hope your morning sickness gets better soon


The first step in stopping the perceived stigma about genital herpes - is to stop believing in it yourself

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