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Subject: "Further questions on whether HPV is gone or not"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Member since Sep-23-10
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Sep-23-10, 07:24 PM (CST)
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"Further questions on whether HPV is gone or not"
   I am posting here due to the lack of and contradicting information Ive read concerning HPV in males.
I visited the doctor about 4 months ago for two small warts above my penis (in the mons area). He informed me that I had HPV and I proceeded to get liquid nitrogen treatment. In a little over a month the warts were gone. Now, 3 months later I have yet to see any new warts.
Ive read contradicting reports on whether a person can be totally free of HPV. In most cases I have read that if you see no signs of infection after 2 years the virus is under check , is out of your system, and no longer contagious. Is this true? Is there actually a point where the virus is COMPLETELY gone (this seems especially hard to say when there is no testing for men)?
I have completely refrained from any kind of sexual contact since I was diagnosed and plan to continue to do so until I know the virus is gone I would be horrified if I passed this on to someone else.
If anyone could shed additional light on this matter itd be greatly appreciated.

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Sep-24-10, 08:02 AM (CST)
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1. "RE: Further questions on whether HPV is gone or not"
In response to message #0
I don't think that any research has answered the question of whether the virus is completely gone or not, and there doesn't seem to be much effort made to find out. Most hpv infections can no longer be detected by PCR after around 6 - 24 months, with the types that cause warts on the lower end of that scale (in many cases, four months.) The types associated with dysplasia/cancer tend to be on the longer end of that scale and have a greater tendency for persistence beyond that time. This is true for both men and women. Men can be tested with PCR, and it's done that way in research studies. There's just no commercially available test for men.

Yes, it's true that the longer you go without any signs or symptoms of the virus, the less likely it is that you'll transmit it. Just tell any prospective partners, and make sure they understand how common it is. You probably present no greater risk to them than anyone else they might end up with, and if you haven't been with anyone for awhile, you're probably less of a risk than someone who just ended a relationship or has had several relationships in the past year.

You can use the forum's search function to search the hpv section for the word "clearance" to find some older discussions about this issue. It comes up a lot, and there's no definite answer.

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