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Member since Feb-7-11
12 posts
Dec-30-11, 11:51 AM (CST)
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   Hi I was hoping to get any information at all if possible with the limited information I have.

In December 2010 I found a small bump on my lower opening of my vagina. I went to a gyno (not my regular because he was on vacation). He said it looked like nothing not to worry. I then went to my regular gyno and he said it looked like nothing not to worry. I asked to remove it he said it was nothing to worry about.

I then got pregnant asked him to look at it again. It had not changed in size or shape. He once again said not problematic.

I am now in my third trimester and in the last month it has grown. It is a a round piece of skin connected by a small string of skin and hangs just a bit. Looks like a skin tag if it were anywhere else on my body where they grow. I told him about the changes. He did not even want to look at it. He said at this point he can't do anything about it because I am pregnant and too much blood flow down there to remove and biopsy it. He said he would have to have me in an er to remove incase I bleed to much. He said to much risk at this point. He said with it changing sounds like a wart. I am freaked out because I am pregnant, if it is a wart it means I have HPV. I have apparently only been tested for high risk HPV not low risk that causes warts. I have never had any bumps before in my life down there. He is not concerned because of other complications I am having a C-Section so he said it would not affect the baby.

Though I read HPV can be in the amniotic fluid. Does anyone know about this? As well as anything about delivering a baby being possibly HPV positive?

Thanks for any information.

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Member since Jan-2-07
333 posts
Dec-31-11, 06:09 PM (CST)
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1. "RE: Bump?"
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   LAST EDITED ON Dec-31-11 AT 06:10 PM (CDST)
Ok it sounds like a skin tag to me. I had one grow when I was pregnant....by my anus. It was so embarrassing. It was flat and hung on by a thin skin like string. They removed it after I gave birth.

I had a C-Section.

I thought that babies, though rare, got HPV traveling through the birth canal.


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