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Subject: "Potential HPV diagnosis with HSV - devastated, help"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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May-17-16, 12:46 PM (CST)
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"Potential HPV diagnosis with HSV - devastated, help"
   Hi all,

I've been a member on here for a while, I'm a female who was diagnosed with genital HSV-II about 8 years ago (at age 20). I went to an Urgent Care last night for a potential yeast infection, and the doctor recommended me to my gyno because of potential warts. This totally, totally blindsided me - I'm tested regularly, got the Gardisal vaccine, use condoms, and haven't been sexually active as of recently. I never thought this was a high-risk possibility.

I went today and my gyno was kind of vague - I do have yeast and apparently also a cyst in my vagina that she wants to drain tomorrow because "she can't get a good look" - and when I prodded her for more answers she said she "couldn't say right now." She might have said "maybe" at one point, but you could tell she didn't want to give a definite diagnosis. She is going to put the solution on me tomorrow to highlight anything that might be there. Comparing myself with Google images says this it's a possibility - I have a few bumps on the edge of my vagina that kind of look like skin tags, but could definitely be HPV.

I know I will get an answer tomorrow, but I can't settle down because of this possibly. I have finally just gotten used to and confidant about talking about HSV, and now the idea of having to disclose to partners about 2 STIs makes me want to die. I already struggle with depression, take anti-depressants, and see a counselor (though she's much older and I might need to switch to someone more versed in these issues if this diagnosis is true).

Have some questions, would be forever grateful for answers:

1) I have gotten my facts down about HSV and gotten good at the elevator speech - 1% F-M transmission, same risk as getting pregnant on birth control, etc etc. Can someone provide some facts about HPV that are helping in disclosing to a partner? Right now I've seen the study that women who use condoms are 70% less likely to get it than those who don't. Also that 50% of sexually active ppl get HPV in their life. Also that the infection often clears in 2 years. Anything else that would help me????? Right now I'm seeing a lot of "sexually active people who have HPV often share it" and that not as reassuring as the herpes numbers. It's hard to put into words how I would feel having to describe the risk for two STIs...

2) Like I said, I haven't been recently sexually active, but I see that the virus can be dormant for a bit. If these are warts and they are removed, is there a way to see if the virus is cleared from my body? (not talking abnormal paps, but rather the strains that cause warts.)

3) I know it can clear in a few years - are there immune system boosters to help with this??

4) I am currently hooking up with someone and I disclosed already about the herpes. We have not had sex yet, but he has touched me with his hands and then touched himself a minute later. Say warts were present and I didn't realize - what is the likelihood that he transmitted to himself? Is there any test to tell?

5) Any ideas on finding a counselor who work specifically with STIs?

Lastly, if anyone has any reassurance about having 2 STIs...I'm devastated by the possibility. I've had a relatively low number of sex partners and have always used condoms. Like I said, I struggle with depression and accepting the idea that I'm lovable with and without my HSV diagnosis. This new addition would be so hard on me and I'm feeling beyond awful - that no one would ever want to be with me.

Thank you in advance

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