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Jul-12-12, 07:35 PM (CST)
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"Neuralgia and OB"
   Hi I am new to this site but not H. It has only been 4 months since my possible first OB but I have learned a lot in that time. When I say possible I mean that to date my igg blood tests have come back neg with a .15 being the highest reading.
To add background information I had a somewhat high risk sexual exposure but used protection. Three days later started feeling the symptoms need to urinate then tingling all over groin region later turning to excruciating burning on testicles and urethra along with nerve pain from buttocks down right thigh and sometimes into feet. Accompanied by flu like symptoms for a short duration. Pins and needled feeling in perdium making it hard to sit for weeks, this lasted a good 5 weeks before subsiding from a 8 pain level to about a 2-3 level. Had all the STD tests done all neg, multiple times. Four months later I am left with the sciatica type pain in buttock right thigh and slight burning in penis tip. I have been on and off antivirals which during the initial outbreak caused my symptoms to change and possibly clear up near the end or the outbreak was just running it's course. Since then I have experimented with antivirals by staying off them and seeing the pain increases then returning to them and finding the symptoms subside. I have also Bern taking cymbalta for stress and nerve pain relief with some results.
What I still do have to this day is continued nerve pain varying in intensity but always there, the more I stay away from sitting and running or excess walking the better it is.
A good nights rest usually alleviates symptoms but not always, I am scheduled to see a neurologist for this pain soon and have even looked into the cause being pudendial neuralgia either caused by trauma or infection. This all started after that one sexual encounter with no I mean no symptoms prior to that.
It's all very difficult a situation but I am trying to deal rationally and calmly as possible. I plan on getting a western blot at the 6 month mark to shed some light on diagnosis along with additional testing neurological and other.
From what I can see this just says ,
" herpes infection" even though the neg test results.
I am wondering if anyone here has had a similar experience, what was your final diagnosis, and what treatment has worked for you?

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