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Member since Aug-7-12
23 posts
Aug-07-12, 05:51 AM (CST)
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"Lots of Pain...Help Please"
   Hello -

I am going to try to keep this as short as possible, but could really use some advise/help. I contracted GHSV1 11 months ago and I have been in pain ever since. My symptoms cycle between extreme and mild, but never go completely away. Below is a list of symptoms:
- Nerve pain in buttocks, legs, and groin - This never goes away
- Irritation (raw feeling) in groin area near seems
- Urethra pain - Feels like irritation
- Anul itch and burn
- Rash on penis and behind knees
- Genital itch and discomfort

This has been a really hard year and am looking for some insight. Does anyone know if the constant nerve pain will go away? Any suggestions to help healing? I am on 1 gram of Valrex a day and I can not tell if it has actually helped.

I have been taking vicodin, but feel like this makes things worse...Does anyone know if vicodin can make nerve damage or herpes worse, or slow healing?

I have done my best to list the symptoms, but am really concerened about the nerve pain...Has anyone had this for 1 year and then had it resolve...Any suggestions?

The Urethra pain seems to be more often now...like alomst every other week for a few days...Thoughts?

Could really use some help here, but also want honesty.

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Member since Aug-29-10
29 posts
Aug-09-12, 08:07 PM (CST)
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1. "RE: Lots of Pain...Help Please"
In response to message #0
   LAST EDITED ON Aug-09-12 AT 08:08 PM (CDST)
Hi FreeUS,
I will address a little of your e-mail here and then finish answering your PM. I assume that you were formally diagnosed with GHSV1. If not, you need to have that done.

Yes, if in fact you have GHV1, and there are no other factors such as a prior nerve injury in the same area, the nerve pain should subside in time. And it should start subsiding fairly quickly as GHSV1 does not prefer the groin area.

I did not take vicodin for my nerve pain for 2 reasons. It makes me feel really sick and it did nothing for my nerve pain. I encourage you to read the other posts on this site. I contracted the virus in Oct of 2007 and the first 3 years of nerve pain was often intolerable.

What I did for the nerve pain is increase my valrex. Somedays I would take 2000mg and sometimes it would help take the edge off enough so I could get through the day. But I am NOT the norm the majority of people with GHSV2 do not suffer to the degree that I have. And your GHSV1 should calm down much quicker as is the typical case.

Nuerontin (gabapentin) could also be an option so you may want to explore that as well. You explained the symptoms accurately my only question is the rash behind your knees. That is not herpes unless you somehow transferred it to another part of your body which seems unlikely in that area, perhaps eczema?

Try to massage the area of the urethra pain - the penis area - may be difficult with that raw feeling but may be worth a try to help the muscle spasms. Make sure you thoroughly wash your hands with antibacterial soap after the massage. Herpes attacks the sensory portion of the nerve the muscles around the nerves then go into spasm causing the urethra pain.

Hang in there it is going to get better. Wear comfortable clothing to work and get your clothing off the area when you get home. Cool water feels good sit in a cold tub. Keep the area sweat free as sweat seems to aggravate the nerves. Keep the area clean as well. Baby powder can also help with the sweat.

I will write more in a PM (private message).

This too shall pass.

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Member since Aug-7-12
23 posts
Aug-14-12, 03:17 PM (CST)
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2. "RE: Lots of Pain...Help Please"
In response to message #1
   Thank you scooter and I will look for the PM.

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