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Subject: "Herpes on the Buttocks Only"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Member since Jun-15-14
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Jun-15-14, 06:33 AM (CST)
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"Herpes on the Buttocks Only"
   I am confused about the statistics for those who are just buttock outbreakers! Does anyone actually know of a documented case where a buttock lesion has infected someone on their genitals during sex? I thought I had a boil on my bottom for many years and , Thank God, have never infected anyone.
The UK advice is quite laid back too; I've been told that shedding is related to how often you have outbreaks. Also, my Genito-urinary clinic said taking Valtrex daily if you get hardly any outbreaks is not necessary. I tried Acyclovir and felt really ill and dehydrated, so my own body told me to not bother. I take a small amount of aspirin daily; this prevents outbreaks and has hardly any side-effects. I'd like to know if any daily aspirin-takers find their symptoms clear up? I think it should be promoted more.

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Member since Sep-9-07
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Jun-20-14, 05:15 PM (CST)
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1. "RE: Herpes on the Buttocks Only"
In response to message #0
   You can take meds to suppress this virus to prevent outbreaks, to protect your negative partner, or both. Even when not having an Outbreak, we shed the virus from our mucus membranes in the genital area a certain number of days per month. We just do not know when these days are. Is this shedding enough to pass the virus on to a negative partner? We do not know so the best thing to do is to take meds to help suppress this shedding, thus protecting a partner. Valtrex is the only med that has been tested/studied to protect a partner, but valtrex turns into acyclovir in the liver (I think) so it is thought that acyclovir works the same way. Those that have fewer OBs a year can take a lower dose of valtrex daily to prevent an OB, but I am not too sure about taking a smaller dose when it comes to protecting a partner.

Many people have side effects from the different meds. Try switching to Valtrex or Famvir. Many also find with continued use, these side effects will wear off. You just have to decide if the benefit of the med out weights the side effects.

As mentioned above, Valtrex is the only med studied that is found to work on this virus--aspirin does not suppress an Outbreak or prevent shedding. Aspirin might just help take a little bit of the edge off.


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