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Subject: "Heavy Discharge, No Yeast/Bacteria"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Member since May-17-09
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Mar-05-10, 05:32 PM (CST)
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"Heavy Discharge, No Yeast/Bacteria"
   I was wondering if anyone could offer any suggestions. Since November things have been feeling rather off. I've gotten recurrent yeast/uti's, which have been treated, but I'm still having heavy discharge. It doesn't have an odor and is kind of milky. It feels sort of like a yeast infection, but is not terribly itchy. It seems when I use the Monostat 7-day things seem to get a bit better then shortly after, go back to the same.

I went to the gyno this week and he ran a wide array of tests b/c he did see quite a bit of discharge. He did a highly sensitive bacteria test that he said would detect even really small amounts, which I was sure was going to come back positive, but it came back negative. He also tested for yeast, urinary infection and a wide panel of std testing. I'm just stumped as to what could be causing my problems. I'm open to any suggestions and just want to get this figured out

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Member since Oct-14-09
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Oct-07-10, 11:36 PM (CST)
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1. "RE: Heavy Discharge, No Yeast/Bacteria"
In response to message #0
   Did you ever find out what was wrong? The same exact thing happens to me and the test results say I have extra amount of normal vaginal flora. I have genital herpes 2 so I would contribute my symptoms to that because the discharge only started happening after being diagnosed with herpes.

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Oct-08-10, 00:39 AM (CST)
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2. "RE: Heavy Discharge, No Yeast/Bacteria"
In response to message #0
A milky, odorless discharge is more typical of herpes, but this is not a hard and fast rule.

The doctor may have checked for all of this already, but here's the usual starting point:

1. Other STDs.
2. Yeast
3. Bacterial vaginitis (which often has a noticeable odor, but might not)
4. Group B Strep (lots of women have this and are symptom free, but it an be troublesome for some)

As a note Baterial vaginitis and Group B Strep are both notoriously pesky things to get under control and an take a few rounds of treatment to get under control.

You may be in some sort of a viscious cycle, where maybe it starts with your yeast flaring up, which in turn triggers a herpes OB and then the yeast flares again (rince, lather, repeat). If treating for yeast seems to help, it's okay to take you antivirals at the same time. This same sort of visious cycle could involve not just yeast, but BV, GBS, or some combination of the three.

The next time this starts to flare, see what you can do about getting swabs done before you treat for anything to see if something else comes back positive on the test.

When Grace / Lenore come along they may have some more suggestions on what may be happening or what to ask your physician for.

Be well,

Hoe eet jy 'n olifant? Bietjie vir bietjie.
(Translation from Afrikans: How do you eat an elephant? Bit by bit.)

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