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Apr-23-13, 04:29 PM (CST)
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   Ok, Ive heard so much about suppression and "when im about to get a breakout" that ive got so much stuff i dont know what to use anymore! When u feel tingling (i still dont really get this after 7 yrs) i heard u eed to use a little zovirax (spelling?) asap...and vit B asap in the morning...and tea tree oil and honey and cinammin and bees wax and all the vitamins...and on and on and on! i cant even put all this on all day! whats the best stuff to use?? can we use it all or just use the best ones?! tea tree didnt seem to speed it up...so confused!Aside from daily lysine (2k mg/day) and suppresive real(acyclowhatever) meds when i feel it coming on and actually get a sore, thats all i take internally besides a one a day vitamin, o.j. every morning, b12 500mg/day. BUT when i get a tingling or in fact DO get a sore...what of the above topicals are best?? or all of them?? its so overwhelming...thanks...

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Apr-25-13, 07:15 PM (CST)
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1. "Here's the straight story..."
In response to message #0
The alternative supplements and treatments do very little if anything in combating herpes. The antivirals, acyclovir (zovirax), valtrex and famvir are the most effective treatments that we have, bar none, in spite of all the ads all over the Internet for all sorts of sometimes strange treatments. Cost-wise, generic acyclovir is least expensive.

Beyond the antivirals, the other things you can do are to de-stress, get some exercise, eat well and get enough sleep. In other words, help your immune system do its job.

"Do the Right Thing. It will gratify some people and astound the rest." - Paraphrased from Mark Twain

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