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Subject: "Food Grade Coconut Oil is a MIRACLE"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Apr-28-12, 05:16 AM (CST)
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"Food Grade Coconut Oil is a MIRACLE"
   Its cheap and has no side effects whatsoever.

Maintenance dose is 3 tablespoons a day, one with each meal preferably but can even be a power snack on its own. It keeps the munchies at bay so if ever you reach for the chips, have a tablespoon instead for instant gratification and to keep the munchies at bay.

Can put the oil directly on the affected parts, and can even use it as a play lubricant for masturbation or coitus.

When do you get an outbreak, double the dose.

You can do all the research as there are many things written about the efficacy of it for Herpes I and II but in a nutshell (or coconut shell) the Lauric Acid is digested into MONOLAURIC acid in our bodies.

The Herpes virus "cloaks" itself in a protective coating which our antibodies cannot detect and therefore cannot attack. Hence the term "smart" virus. Much like the cloaking device on Klingon Ships in STARTREK.

What the monoauric acid does is it dissolves that cloaking device and then our antibodies can recognize the virus for what it is! A rouge that needs to be eradicated.

Look it up yourselves, no need to take my word for it.

There are expensive supplements in the market now, and I dont doubt their efficacy. But these are again ultra processed in the lab and you need to take massive doses to gain the benefit. What for? The coconut oil is the rawest, purest, God given gift with minimal processing and handling other than the bio friendly way it was made in the first place.

Include it in your diet for 60 days straight and your outbreaks will decrease if not disappear altogether for years at a time. After the first 60 days of 3 times a day, can just take 2 or even one a day, but for me, it helps me keep my weight off as well and is a great massage oil too, so your skin can absorb the Lauric acid through the dermis, which is the pathway the virus used to enter in the first place.

ITS A MIRACLE and you have nothing to lose and very little to spend to get some.

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