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Jun-02-14, 11:23 PM (CST)
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"Oxygen Therapy & Mineral Detox"
   LAST EDITED ON Jun-02-14 AT 11:29 PM (CST)
So I finally went for one of those ads I saw that promised Oxygen Therapy cures. They pointed to a $15 e-book which I bought. And then they listed the products. I found the products easy on Amazon.

In fact looks like two vendors have purposefully set up packages of 35% HOH and "Bragg's" Organic Apple Cider Vinegar "with the 'mother'". So looks like the ebook and ads were advance ads for their "Amazon" stores of their HOH and apple cider vinegar. So be it then. Still costs less than the lectroject and consantly buying acylovir.

Then I also bought into the Mineral Detox program of "mineral treatment". Too late after I found reports that it's a scam too. But oh well I'm trying it. And they even have an extra product for "clearing drops". Wow, they sure now how to work their profit-maximizing to tack on another hopeful "after treatment" product "to make sure" to "clear up" those extra "clearing symptoms" which aren't really "symptoms" to add on one more bit of Marginal revenue before they tick too many people off and the marginal cost gets too big; yeah right, but here I am a fool again trying it. Well what would one do to try to cure this "incurable" and daily annoying disease!? It's ruined my life, made me tired, afraid of touching anyone now. Advance punishment for sins, etc. Short of the 2nd coming and asking the savior personally for a cure before one's life is over, there is seemingly no official cure by mankind except these vendors of "non-FDA" approved "hope".

So I have been given it a try. On my 18th day now of both mineral detox and Oxygen Therapy. Still have 76 days to go for mineral detox(including the "extra clearing session" of extra 30 days tacked on to the original 33). And 17 more days of the HOH (oxygen therapy)
until the every day "maintenance" dose.

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