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Jun-12-14, 06:17 AM (CST)
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""Oxygen Therapy", here it is shared with everyone."
   LAST EDITED ON Jun-12-14 AT 06:27 AM (CST)
All those ad's claiming oxygen therapy if you just click here?
Well I did it and at least only paid $15 for the initial ad.
However, the ebook I got tells you what the "therapy is".
I am ticked off this "therapy" procedure isn't shared for free when there are so many in need. You still need to buy the ingredients
after all. So the "click here for ebook to Cure Herpes Naturally!!" is their initial $15 ad.

For the therapy you need to click and buy supplies of 35% H2O2
product listings on Amazon:
http://www.amazon.com/Quart-certified-Hydrogen-Peroxide-ounces/dp/B00AEJ2Z1E/ref=sr_1_7/175-5594293-5276616?ie=UTF8&qid=1402575063&sr=8-7&keywords=35% Hydrogen peroxide

And also for that "Apple Cider" where you "need" "with the mother".
Basically an ad for Bragg's Apple Cider.

http://www.amazon.com/Bragg-Apple-Cider-Vinegar-liquid/dp/B00FSBHOBY/ref=sr_1_3/175-5594293-5276616?ie=UTF8&qid=1402575206&sr=8-3&keywords=bragg apple cider

So these two products and the click ad are all in cahoots with each other. Their shills probably post on herpes boards anonymously or posing as victims of the virus too.

Well the Bragg Cider is unique. i do like vinegar. And the taste was interesting, maybe good for salads.

Ok, the "therapy" procedure listed below:
(supposedly all that's needed to "cure herpes naturally!" , well they say while they are not FDA or AMA approved, they say "why not give it a try?" , heh; but I am giving it a try. nothing to lose. i have blisters almost every 3 days now. My life around others is pretty much ruined. I haven't dated in over three years. I have to keep my fingers carefully not touching things as the blisters have spread to my thumbs, my rear area, as well as my tongue, alternating days etc. and tired than i ever was as my body battles the virus every day, having to settle for less demanding(paying) work as I'm falling asleep during the day more often, probably with the Alzehimer's plaques forming in the brain etc., and only HSV1)

#1: Cut anything made with white flour from your diet
#2: H202 method (follow directions below)

H202 method

Only 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide (H202) should be used with distilled water, spring / mineral water, milk, vegetable juice or fruit juice in the H202 method which is listed below.

35% Food Grade H202 is free of chemical binders that are put in the 3% H2O2s sold over the counter at pharmacies and grocery stores.

FOR USA Click Here -for best deal on H202 35% food grade

FOR UK Click Here -for best deal on H202 35% food grade

For the H202 method listed below: drink hydrogen peroxide solution one hour before or three hours after a meal. Add food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide to 8 oz (300 ml ) distilled water, spring / mineral water, milk, vegetable juice or fruit juice.

Take 3 times a day -DO NOT use chlorinated tap water.

Drink the hydrogen peroxide mixture on an empty stomach. If your stomach gets upset at any level, stay at that level, or go back one level.

When reaching higher dosages, more water may be used. If you are on a medication, consult your doctor.

CAUTION: If any strong solution of hydrogen peroxide concentrate is spilled on the skin, flush the skin immediately with water. Skin may whiten temporarily. Wash any spills from unsealed work/ counter tops.

The H2O2 method.

The following method takes a total of 31 days: 16 to progress to its optimum level and then another 15 to decrease to a maintenance level.

Hereís how to administer:

Dosage schedule using 35% food grade H202

Day 1...........3 drops, 3 times daily
Day 2...........4 drops, 3 times daily
Day 3...........5 drops, 3 times daily
Day 4...........6 drops, 3 times daily
Day 5...........7 drops, 3 times daily
Day 6...........8 drops, 3 times daily
Day 7...........9 drops, 3 times daily
Day 8..........10 drops, 3 times daily
Day 9..........12 drops, 3 times daily
Day 10........14 drops, 3 times daily
Day 11........16 drops, 3 times daily
Day 12........18 drops, 3 times daily
Day 13........20 drops, 3 times daily
Day 14........22 drops, 3 times daily
Day 15........24 drops, 3 times daily
Day 16........25 drops, 3 times daily

Following day 16 gradually start decreasing the dosage at the same rate that you reached day 16 until you get to the maintenance dose.
The maintenance dose (3 drops, diluted in 6-8oz of DISTILLED WATER, 3 times per day) should be continued for at least an additional 30 days.
This suggested method is based on years of experience as well as numerous published medical papers. For best results you should adhere to this advised method.

One of the most convenient methods of dispensing 35% H202 is from a small glass dropper bottle (like the picture to your
right).These can be purchased at your local drugstore/ chemist/ Amazon/ EBay etc.

Fill the bottle with the 35% H202 and store the larger container in a cool dark place or your refrigerator until more is needed.


At 35%, hydrogen peroxide is a very strong oxidizer, and if not diluted, it can be extremely dangerous or even fatal. NEVER be tempted to use without diluting, and always stick to the dilution guide above.

Important Note:

Individuals who have had organ transplants should not undertake an H202 program. H202 stimulates the immune system and could possibly cause a rejection of the organ.

Some individuals taking H202 immediately before bedtime have a difficult time getting to sleep. This is due to a sense of alertness triggered by an increase of oxygen at the cellular level. The oral dosage schedule is basically the same for both HSV-2 and 1. There are several points to keep in mind, however.


There are products available today which claim to offer the same results as H202 (used by many celebrities). Basically youíll end up paying a small fortune for these products and at best achieve the same results you can get for pennies by using hydrogen peroxide.


Hydrogen peroxide, which is referred to chemically as H2O2, is a compound of two atoms of hydrogen and two atoms of oxygen. Hydrogen peroxide is produced in abundance by almost every cell in the human body, and is involved in many different physiological processes.

Most people are familiar with hydrogen peroxide as an antiseptic, disinfectant and bleaching agent. However, hydrogen peroxide
can also be used internally to improve a wide range of health conditions.

H2O2 is both an effective oxygenator and a powerful oxidizer. Oxygenation is the increase and utilization of oxygen at the cellular level. Oxygenators increase the oxygen content of the blood and improve uptake and utilization by cells.

Oxidation refers to the process in which there is a transfer of electrons between two or more molecules. Oxidizers are essential to life. Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizer and is essential within the body for the process of life. H2O2 is used therapeutically as part of Bio-oxidative medicine.

Many studies have shown that hydrogen peroxide therapy will kill bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites and has also been shown to destroy certain tumours. Although more research needs to be done, H2O2 can be considered a universal agent which can almost always be tried for an illness, often with remarkable success.


Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is one of the few simple miracle substances still available to the public. Its safety and multiple uses rank it right up there with Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO). If youíve never used either of these compounds you are overlooking two of the most powerful healing tools ever discovered. - Dr. David G. Williams.


There you have it, good luck all.

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Member since Jan-8-16
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Jan-08-16, 04:57 PM (CST)
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1. "RE: "Oxygen Therapy", here it is shared with everyone."
In response to message #0
   Hi, thanks for the great post on H2O2! I live in Europe. Due to recent restrictions regarding over-the-counter chemicals, the highest legal food grade hydrogen peroxide available to purchase is 12%. I'm doing a lot of research regarding dosage. According to "The One-Minute Cure" and all other resources, and your post here, the ideal "curing" dosage to build up to is 25 drops, 3x a day.

Now here is where I need a little help. My basic approach to this is 12% x 3 = 36% so I am guessing that multiplying all factors by 3 will match the generally agreed upon dosages. Thus, my goal should be 75 drops, 3x daily, of 12% food grade H2O2. Does this make sense or am I missing something in my reverse dilution mathematics?

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