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Member since Apr-21-12
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Apr-21-12, 07:07 PM (CST)
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"A Blessing?? in Disguise?? Yeah right..."
   I've had type 2 for over 20 years now and outbreaks are down to max of 3 per year. And the outbreaks are merely a pimple or two which weep, scab and leave no traces after 5 days or so. But I do recall the first year when the outbreaks were once a month and would take a week to leave.

Over the years, I've changed by diet and lifestyle to cope with type 2 and now being 55 years old have come to the realization that--

1) My family has had the dreaded cancer gene over generations.. I have 3 siblings that died of it, all at a very very young age. Both my parents likewise died of it too.

But because of my lifestyle changes-- diet, exercise, moderation in alcohol consumption, no sugar, less much much less coffee, stress-watchfulness, and all the supplementation instead of the chemical medications ( I only use Zovirax creme on the pimples ) I've become more healthy over all.

I sleep better (Sweetest Dreams by Solgar - take with dinner and guaranteed to put you out in an hour. No chemicals, only supplements.

Work better, able to manage stress and know how to recognize stressors and keep em at bay-- I do heated Yoga twice a week, do core kinesis three times a week and have great abs to show for it too! At my age, my peers sport beer bellies and I've been often told I look much younger that I am. I like beaches now where I get every opportunity to show off my lean, mean svelte body and killer abs!

2) I've been married three times (twice AFTER I got type 2) and both wives have been free of it due to my being able to "manage" it properly. You know when you have an outbreak-- just be vigilant about the symptoms which in my case, are a simple pimple on the genitals. I dont have it on my anus as I have never had anal sex. I am not gay to begin with.

I up my dosage of all supplements when the outbreaks occur which includes upping water intake.

Decrease excercise (may be overdoing it especially the HOT flow Yoga which excessive perspiring may actually trigger it.. a room heated to 35 degrees Cels is HOT man, HOT.

And abstain from sex and masturbation till flare up goes away. The period of refrain makes for great sex after the deprivation anyway!

3) Extramarital activities-- I have a fuck buddy whom I've been with for over 5 years. For a whole year I didn't tell her thinking it was going to end anyways and she's been around anyways and she never asked anyways... and all the other rationalizations to circumvent telling her and getting the REJECTION.

Well guess what, I finally told her about my type 2 after a year of and she's actually ok with it. Good news is, I've never passed in on to her as my "management" of type 2 is pretty good (over 20 years, it better be).

Being the horny goat that landed me type 2 to begin with, I also have two other regular "dates." Again, to the best of my knowledge, there's no issue about it. hey THEY may have it to begin with and are not telling me! I know this is playing badly, not telling them about my case, and yes, I know I can pass it even when not in the throes of an attack, and yes I agree its outright wrong.

Thing is, I know these other two regulars are not going long term. I know they are ready to bail for whatever reason, they're not gonna hang long term with a married man twice their age.

Am I promiscuous? For a Happily Married Man? Yes. For the average schome, NO. but there it is.

Am beginning to ramble and so end it here before it goes in another direction. What I want to say is -- type 2 has become an early warning sign for me to take time to smell the roses, step back, relax, get away and just chill out. Its an early warning device that works for optimum health in EVERY way. So there.

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Apr-27-12, 08:52 PM (CST)
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1. "Thanks for your comments.."
In response to message #0
I think that a lot of us have found genital herpes to be beneficial in some aspects of our lives.

"Do the Right Thing. It will gratify some people and astound the rest." - Paraphrased from Mark Twain

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Member since Apr-11-12
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Apr-28-12, 11:24 AM (CST)
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2. "RE: Thanks for your comments.."
In response to message #1
   I've had this for years (6-8) and never knew it... Nobody's ever told me I passed anything on to them but, then again I always tried my best to use condoms.

When I first got my noticeable OB, it was due to me shaving my hairs down below and started getting irritated right away. I ended up hooking up w/ this guy I met while away on vacation but right up to when we were having sex, I was having little burning irritating sensations. We had sex w/ a condom w/ no lube and it brought out the irritation even more. Had sex w/ out a condoms (drinking got the best of me), w/ same guy and developed sever symptoms when I got back home.

I thought he may have given it to me but years ago I noticed a blisters on my upper buttocks and on my hips and the person who I know gave it to me (I was w/ for years), had cold sores on his lips and told me a female told him she was exposed to the HSV2 virus. He never got symptoms on his penis though.

I didn't know what the heck was wrong I went to the GYN and immediately she told me it looked like herpes. Got the results within a couple days that it was positive for it.

I was scared and angry and knew that the guy who liked me very much wanted to fly up and see me within a couple weeks. Well, he got his plane ticket and flew up and I was having a major OB on meds and told him I was on my period and couldn't have sex. (didn't' know all the risk at that point).

We ended up having sex near the end of that week (numerous times), and he never told me I gave him something. We stopped speaking but to this day he contacts me just to say "hi".

I know I should probably tell him to get tested but how I do know he probably didn't already have the virus??

Either way, I'm glad I know now that I have the virus so I can better not transmit the virus.

I think the thing to always remember... A lot of people already have this virus whether it's HSV1/2 and don't know it.

I think before even having the "TALK" make sure you ask your partners to get tested for ALL diseases. HPV can be a little tricky though. Ask the docs for the HSV1/2 test because it's not apart of the standard tests.

I asked my docs when I first found out I had it?? Wasn't I tested when I was pregnant w/ my child? Don't they test this when you ask to be tested for STD's at the GYN. The answer was NO!

I'm very against folks who BASH other's for not telling their status before hand but hey, if you're all about moral standards, tell your partners to get tested first and the both of you can come together to read your status. If you want to blame someone, blame the medical field for not adding herpes to the standard tests. There are folks who have this and Don't KNOW it spreading it but yet, folks who have HSV and KNOW it and have the knowledge about the low risk of not spreading, get the stigma thrown at them and talks about morals of discloser. I've NEVER had a guy tell me "I have herpes".

There are still risk so I understand to always tell, but to bash someone for it, when the docs are getting away with non-discloser of not testing is even worst.

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Member since May-16-12
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May-16-12, 11:45 PM (CST)
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3. "RE: Thanks for your comments.."
In response to message #1
   LAST EDITED ON May-16-12 AT 11:56 PM (CDST)
I am not much aware of this but does it really works?

low cost shipping

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