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Solitary Jerk
Member since Nov-20-13
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Nov-20-13, 05:14 AM (CST)
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"The first month: Not letting it ruin me!"
   This is my first post here! So let me tell you how things have been going...

When I was first getting symptoms, I had no clue what was going on. I didn't have any sores until two weeks after the burning urination started. Honestly, I thought I just had a bad prostate infection. It also didn't help that the first two times I saw a doctor, I was misdiagnosed.

After one sore showed up at the tip of my penis, then I had something to go on. It's syphilis! Easy to cure! I go to the doctor who tells me that syphilis is extremely rare here, told me it looks like herpes, and did a swab. Sure enough, it came back positive for HSV-2

I already have friends who had it, and my brother has it. So I already had a bit of a support system and went as far to seek out more people who had it on a message board that I moderate. And find them I did.

I contacted all the previous women I slept with up to the point where I knew I was clean and told them to get tested if they hadn't. They all came back clean - except for the one I didn't contact who hates my guts. After thinking about some of her behaviors while we were together for the 9 months, I'm pretty sure that she's the one who gave me this gift. In this case, it was sitting dormant for the last 2 1/2 years. The outbreak was likely triggered by a can of nuts that was given to me by my father. Otherwise, I never eat the things.

Okay, so my dating life. I met this girl and she's pretty compatible thus far. On the 3rd date, I decided to tell her about the herpes. There were certain things I knew I shouldn't do when telling her... If I made it sound like it's a really bad thing to have, then she would most likely feed off those vibes. I had my delivery all planned...

I started off by asking her if she had any health issues. She's pretty damn healthy! Then I asked her if she's ever dated anybody with cold sores. She replied with a negative, and told her that I get them... but "down there". She was taken back a little, but I just let her know that I keep it maintained, condoms cover the outbreak area, and it's more of an annoyance than anything. I told her that it won't kill me, but my athsma might. I then proceeded to tell her about all the times I've been to the hospital for athsma attacks.

It was an absolutely beautiful delivery, and it really put herpes in the light that it really is nothing more than a minor skin disorder.

Later than night, we ended up naked in the bedroom together. My biggest problem was the damn performance anxiety. I knew I was probably going to get it, so I popped half a viagra beforehand, but to my dismay, things were still not working correctly. Luckily from my experience, women are pretty forgiving the first couple of times you have performance anxiety. I'd just better not have it happen for the next round. Maybe 3/4 of a viagra pill will fix it.

So that's my story thus far. Hard to believe it's only been a month since my first outbreak. I already feel like I've been living with it like a champ.

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Member since Sep-9-07
2482 posts
Nov-21-13, 10:03 AM (CST)
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1. "RE: The first month: Not letting it ruin me!"
In response to message #0
   I am glad your discussion went well. This is a prime example in that it is not what you say but how you say it that matters.


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