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Subject: "my grandson gets cold sores and I wonder if I gave them to him."     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Member since Dec-2-16
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Dec-02-16, 07:31 PM (CST)
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"my grandson gets cold sores and I wonder if I gave them to him."
   Any sensible, knowledgeable replies will be so appreciated.I only learned I was HSV2 pos in 2007.I was devasted.i might have been for 30yrs.i don't know if I even had breakouts yrs ago.it worried me sooo much everytime the toddler almost kissed my mouth or jammed those fingers in my mouth.i'd wipe them ASAP!once he sat on the edge of my tub on vacation and i'd sat on it earlier after a shower.he also used my towel.i was terrified!!my last visit,his mom said to him"oops I see a cold sore coming,no kisses." I checkd w/my Dr.in 2013,my blood test for HSV1 was a low level positive.she assumed I knew that.she wasn't my Dr.in 2007.that Dr.showed me HSV1 was NOT positive.my partner must've had HSV1,and given to me.i haven't kissed anyone but him since 2007.we're no longer together. Everytime I visit (3-4x)a yr.some family thing like that happens,I can't stop.last visit daugh-in-law just grabbed a sip of my drink.Ive never shared w/them my sexual history.I feel like they will hate me and tell me to never come around.my Dr.said, ur grandchild has been in daycare for 5 yrs anyone could have passed him HSV1.most children have them,stop worrying! Can I always keep this to myself and not feel dishonest and bad?i love this sweet child more than anything in life!I just hate feeling like I'm horrible and dirty and maybe I could pass HSV2 him in some freaky obscure way.I'm so sad and miserablle I could do harm to a sweet child.I hate he gets cold sores.i hope that's not my fault.But his mom doesn't seem affected by it at all.maybe she gets them too,but thank god she's sensible that kids pick up germs.but I didn't speak up!i didn't admit I just found out I have HSV1 myself.i hope I can take the HSV2 to my grave.i'm still trying to make peace with this and how to interact with my only family and not feel like a fraud and like I'm going to crack up w/worry and guilt.thanks for any help!

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Dec-03-16, 03:59 PM (CST)
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1. "I and most of our generation have had cold sores since infancy.."
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It is usually impossible to know where a person got cold sores from since so many people have it. If he's ever been around other kids who have it when he was little and chewing on toys, or whatever, that could be the cause. It happened to one of my 10 grandchildren just that way when they were visiting a friend and she was at the chewing stage. Please don't beat yourself up over it

As far as passing HSV2, it's just not that easy. There are no documented cases of HSV2 being transmitted via an inanimate object. The chances of transmitting it to your grandchild are nil, nada, nothing. You are not going to pass HEV2 on to someone else unless you have sex with them and, even then, the risk of transmission is very, very slim unless you are having active symptoms at the time. My wife doesn't have herpes. We've been together 17 years and she still doesn't.

I understand your feelings, but please don't be so tough on yourself. Let us know if we can help further.

"Do the Right Thing. It will gratify some people and astound the rest." - Paraphrased from Mark Twain

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