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Member since Aug-29-17
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Aug-29-17, 09:50 AM (CST)
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"Not Sure What To Do"
   Hi, So, I'm new here. My story is that my husband just found out (through blood tests) that he has HSV2. (I got a blood test and I'm negative for HSV 1/2.) (We have been going through this for about 3 months at this point) He has known he had whitlow on his fingers, but I guess he gave himself HSV2. He also has been complaining of eye pain - the docs think he has blepharitis. And, yesterday, he found a sore on his upper thigh.

I have been supportive to him and he is a great guy - he is my hubby after all. But, this is so hard. I just don't know how to get through the next day. I know this isn't about me, but it is so hard trying to stay positive for my hubby when there always seems to be a next thing. I guess i'm just looking for a little bit of comfort.

The kicker was he didn't want kids before he was diagnosed and now he does (and while it is too soon as we are still weathering this outbreak) the idea of unprotected sex with him scares me and makes me feel like a terrible person.

I just feel like a terrible wife. I just trying not to freak out in front of him as I know he is going through a lot, but how can I keep my cool (in private)? It seems the more I read and the more I educate myself the more I get overwhelmed and start thinking if I should cut my losses - which makes me feel like the ultimate bad person.

Any help is much appreciated.

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Aug-29-17, 12:17 PM (CST)
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1. "My wife is negative for HSV 1&2 while am positive for both"
In response to message #0
We have been together for 18 years and she is still negative. We are well past the age where having children is a consideration, but sex is still on the agenda. What I have been doing for many years now is to take antiviral meds, in my case famvir, daily. So far so good.

If your husband has a known herpes Whitlow, that may be the cause of his HSV2 positive testing. When I was initially infected by my unfaithful 1st wife, I had a Whitlow and it was cultured as HSV2. The type of the virus is not location dependent. HSV2 can cause an infection at any location so it is definitely possible that he could have it on his hand and not genitally. If he has had a genital outbreak, has it been tested with a type specific culture or DNA test?

Be careful what you read, especially on the Internet, because some sites that are selling "alternative treatments" use fear and misinformation to coerce folks into buying their brand of snake oil.

We're here to answer questions and are not selling anything.

"Do the Right Thing. It will gratify some people and astound the rest." - Paraphrased from Mark Twain

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