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Subject: "A drug to stop the shedding and OB's- just a thought."     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Oct-06-12, 08:05 AM (CST)
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"A drug to stop the shedding and OB's- just a thought."
   LAST EDITED ON Oct-06-12 AT 08:06 AM (CDST)
Just a a question and I'm not sure if anyone can answer but, are there any study's going on to see if there can be a shot to at least stop the shedding and OB's for like 2-5 years and then get another shot once those years are up?

I mean they have one like that for females (depo) to not get pregnant (not years tho), and I know that's like comparing apples to oranges but just a thought.

I guess I'm just wishing on a star for that lovely drug to be developed but it would be nice :-/

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