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Subject: "Spontaneous HSV Resolution? (paper for the experts)"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Oct-25-12, 11:57 PM (CST)
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"Spontaneous HSV Resolution? (paper for the experts)"
   I came across this paper and thought I'd see what the HSV experts make of it:
It seems to have some parallels with "The Berlin Patient" (guy cured of HIV) in that her experience was a secondary effect of cancer treatment but without the genetically specific marrow transplant.

Vinorelbine is pretty new so not much history on that but after digging it seems like cisplatin was proposed as a possible herpes treatment on several occasions:
and more recently:
Its neurotoxic specifically to sensory neurons of the dorsal root ganglion: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15686959 (but can't cross the blood brain barrier) and I seem to recall working out that it has an affinity to the DNA structure most prevalent in HSV, though I must have closed that browser tab.

It works by triggering apoptosis when too much DNA is cross-linked and the cell can't repair itself so is it possible it just happened to kill the right DRG cells?

I am in no way advocating either of these terrible drugs for the treatment of something minor like herpes (permanent hearing loss is a primary side effect) but the institution and the doctors seem credible so I'm curious if anyone has heard of anything like it?

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