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Subject: "Both GHSV1 and GHSV2 burning symptoms??"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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May-13-14, 06:01 AM (CST)
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"Both GHSV1 and GHSV2 burning symptoms??"
   I was diagnosed with GHSV1 (negative to GHSV2) in March 2011 by IGG specific blood test 4 months after first outbreak. I have had several outbreaks since all occurring in the same location (left side of penis base). In late 2012 I had several outbreaks one after the other (yes I know unusual for GHSV1) so have since gone on suppressive antiviral therapy for this reason and to protect my partner. I have not had an outbreak since taking starting suppressive therapy.
I recently had protected vaginal sex with a casual sex worker and unprotected oral. Around 12 - 14 days after the event I felt some tenderness in my penis which lasted for maybe 48 hrs but saw no evidence of an outbreak. A few days later I developed a mild fever which lasted for 10 days (note I did not get a fever when I first caught GHSV1). I also had some intense burning in my left side of penis, left testicle, left groin and sometimes all the way down the lower part of my leg which lasted the same time as the fever, if not a bit longer. The burning seemed to move around each of these parts of my body. Each day I routinely forensically inspected my penis for signs of an outbreak but saw no visible lesions/cuts. Two weeks after the burning finished I then contracted another virus which resulted in mild fever, vomiting and some burning (in left side of body again) but only lasted 48 hrs. So my main questions are:

1. Could the burning be associated with an outbreak or is this a result of just catching a common virus (and my mind playing tricks on me)?
2. I have also read that burning without visible blisters/cuts is not typical of GHSV. I also read that burning may be associated with prodrome but surely prodrome would not last 10 days?
3. I am wondering whether the antivirals is preventing the blisters from forming but still working furiously in the background causing the burning? I am also thinking that the antivirals in my body should have basically stopped the GHSV2 in its tracks to prevent symptoms.
4. Has anyone else had a similar burning feeling but without the associated outbreaks??
5. Since I am already on suppressive therapy which I understand would stop the virus multiplying then would it not be expected that if I was to get GHSV2 then the symptoms would be masked and perhaps there would be no symptoms at all? I have read that if you have GHSV1 and then contract GHSV2 that the symptoms are often very difficult to note since the body has already developed antibodies.
6. How common is it to have both GHSV1 and GHSV2?? Anyone have experience of how their subsequent GHSV2 outbreak was like?

I would have to wait another 8 weeks to get tested so appreciate some feedback.

Footnote: The burning has now returned (left leg, left testicle/penis) but no fever - seems to be worse when sitting


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