Name: Al
Age: 39
Sex: Male
Occupation: Online Tech Support
Type: HSV2
Year Infected: about 1992
OB's per yr: 12+
Prodromes: Outbreaks in between my butt, prodrome with a terrible itch and burning and painful sores.
Ones on the inner thighs and genitals: aching in the lower back and legs, tingling, itching and very annoying pinching, then pimple like lesions.

Method of Control:
good diet, although I have used Lysine 100 mg, and Valtrex 500 mg, right now, just good diet and vitamins.
My Story: I was infected around 1992 while dating several people at once and not using protection (bad mistake). I still don't know who gave it to me for sure but I have an idea it was a woman who was 40 at the time that I had a fling with. Most of my outbreaks at the time from 1992 to early 2005 were just intense itching and tingling in between and above the buttocks with painful sores 4-5 times a year. Then early 2005 all hell broke loose. I had terrible and very frequent outbreaks. Luckily they are finally calming down in November of 2005. I was under a huge amount of stress in early 2005. Now I still get some above and in between the buttocks, but my herpes has migrated to the inner thigh area and sometimes on the genitals most of the time. I finally came out of the closet and told my friends and family now in 2005. All that time it was a secret, no one knew I had genital herpes at all!
Medical Experiences: My initial ob was in between the buttocks, and the doctor just
looked at it and said it looked like herpes. Later I was tested for herpes. IMHO most of the medical staff don't know much about herpes at all!
Telling: I never had to go through this really. The person I was with during the time I found out I had herpes was already infected by the time I found out. After we broke up I was trying to meet new people, but getting alot of rejection. Finally I met a woman who also has genital herpes and I am so happy I found her...I love her so much!