Name: CJAM
Age: 31
Sex: M
Occupation: Buyer
Type: ?
Yr. Infected: 2000
OB's per yr: 2 first year ... more frequent the last few months.
Prodromes: Varies - itching, twitching, ache joints, burning sensation on skin areas.
Method of Control: Acyclovir

My Story: I got my primary two months after getting back together with my XGF. We had broken up five months prior .. because things went to fast. While apart I got involved with another woman and was WITH her once (with a condom). I realized my heart was not in it ... we talked about it and ended it. A month later the XGF asked for another chance and we got back together (because I really loved her). Two months later ... PRIMARY. I shared the information with her. We both got tested ... mine came back negative ... hers ... she was told she had been exposed but did not have it (Don't know what that means?). Long story short ... the relationship did not work and I am at a point of dealing with the disease and being alone. This really makes you learn a lot about yourself. Once you get past the feeling of being betrayed, angry and/or dirty it gets a lot better. Just have to learn to take care of yourself.

Medical Experiences: When I went to the doctor for my Primary ... it was 4th July weekend ... so an inexperienced stand in was there. I got every test in the book ... including HIV and a cotton swab straight in me .... not fun! (Sorry if to much info) All the tests came back negative. The next OB ... 6 months later ... I went to my doctor and he prescribed medication ... he was very supportive ... told me it was a lot more common than I thought .... basically S%^# happens and learn to deal with it.

Telling: I have not been in a situation where I need to have the TALK yet. But I definitely will ... I will give my future partner the choice that I did not get. It is a matter of respect and compassion.

TO ALL THOSE READING THIS WEB PAGE FOR THE FIRST TIME (like I did looking for answers): YOU ARE NOT ALONE! It is not the end of your life ... you will be OK ... You are still the same person you were before you "hit the lottery." You just need to be more responsible and take care of yourself. All the best to you!