Name: Drained
Sex: Female
Occupation: Community Relations Coordinator For Domestic Violence Shelter
Type: HSV2

OBs per year: No idea, just had primary a month sign of an OB again. 
<crossing fingers, knocking on wood, and throwing salt over my shoulder>
Prodromes: Tingly, keep you awake all night itching, and occasional stabbing 

Method of Control: Famvir - no recurrent OBs yet.

My Story: Married 6 years, divorced now. Started dating a nice man.... a few 
months into our relationship...BAM, a fairly bad primary. He shows no 
symptoms. So, we don't know if he has it yet or not. He will be tested soon.

Telling: haven't had to yet. But, I am not all that afraid of it. My Sister 
has HSV2 as well. (strange, huh?) and she has had no problems. (5 serious 
relationships since her primary) She has a great way to deal with her partner 
(who is negative) she has a little post it note on a picture of them, in the bedroom. 
If she feels any prodromal activity, she flips the post it note to "No". This way he doesn't 
need to even broach the subject, and possibly get his hopes up, or end up 
feeling rejected. ;)