Name: Edward
Age: 33
Sex: Male
Occupation: Own a gym
Year Infected: January 1990 (roughly)
OB's per year: 8-12
Prodromes: aching in groin and leg primarily
Method of control: Zovirax daily for 4-5 years w/ no outbreaks. Then to
Zovirx during OB, and now to Chapparal Extract when I feel prodromals.

My Story:I was young and thought I needed to have sex with any woman who would
sit still long enough to let me latch on. I can identify my infection to
one of two young women, but I cannot remember which was "before the
other", but one gave it to me and the other I infected. For the first
year or so I didn't know what was going on. I treated it as jock itch,
crab lice, and fungal infections of other types. I was truly ignorant,
alhtough that is no excuse, as I likely infected several other women
prior to meeting my wife. By the time i met my wife, i had settled down
somewhat and was looking to quit all my single life nonsense. By this
time I had a small inkling that it "might" be herpes, but was afraid to
pursue it further (kind of like I was afraid to get tested for HIV). My
wife got infected by me, had a terrible inital outbreak. I got tested,
showed positive, and started on Zovirax. My wife has never been on any
suppresives and also has never had another OB (going on about 7 years at
this writing). The Zovirax kept it in check with me for as long as I
took it. When i opened my own business, and got off of insurance plans,
I didn't feel like telling my individual insurance plan folks I was
infected, so I stopped using the Zovirax. The Chapparal seems to work
well so far, so i recommend it based upon my experience.

I have (hopefully) matured quite a bit since my sexual acting out years.
Two kids and a reasonably stable marriage may do that to a fellow. I
don't really "think about" herpes much anymore unless I am in OB. But it
seems strange also, in that I "belong to a club" of sorts that includes
all walks of people infected with this disease. I looked at the photo
page and saw some pretty good looking women and some "regular looking
guys", and realized (again) that we are still people and still derserve
our self respect and self care.