Name: FWPrincess
: 32
Sex: F
Occupation - A manager of a game room, senior in college majoring in 
                    Speech -Language pathology, mom of 3
OB's per year ~ will soon find out... way way too many for me
Diagnosed ~ 6/01
Yr Infected: probably 1997
Prodromes: Itching and burning.

My Story: I have been married for 7 years and suddenly I had a herpes
outbreak.  My first thought was, "I am going to KILL my husband for this - he
must have strayed.  but as I got to investigating, I realized a few things -
he had not strayed, and I had started having very minor outbreaks 4 years ago
after getting raped. My rapist was brutal, and after the attack I got
checked for AIDS, syphilis, Gonorrhea, and HPV, and I am not sure if they
checked for HSV or not, because they said the test wouldn't be completely
accurate since I have had cold sores before.  After that time I started
getting little pimples in my private area, but thought it was stress related.
 It never hurt or itched, it was just kind of  there.  Then in July 2001,  I
had first strep throat then a bladder infection then a sinus infection, so my
immune system was really weak, and BOOM - I had my first major outbreak.  I
now have them way too often for my liking - about 2 times a month.

Method of Control: obviously one that isn't working ... acyclovir 200 mg 5
times a day when having outbreaks or prodromes.  I think I am going to try
suppressive therapy next time I see the doctor.  I also got on
antidepressants because finding out I have herpes messed with my mind quite
a bit.

Telling: I have really only told my husband and my best friend - my husband
figures that nothing should change with our sexual habits or anything else,
that if he is going to get it he will get it no matter what, if he hasn't
already anyway.  And my best friend is understanding.  I also told my mom who
now thinks that I must be sleeping around on my husband, since according to
her wisdom faithfully married people don't get herpes... that God must be
punishing me for infidelity, and that's why my husband doesn't have it.  The
funny thing is she has herpes zoster on her lower back and has outbreaks
about 5 times a year... Gee, I wonder what she is being punished for???  :)