Name: GR82BME/Diane  
Picture: click here
Age: 40/November 2001
Sex: F
Occupations: Mom, Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Body/Mind Therapist, Teacher of Massage
Type: HSV2/Not sure where
Yr Infected: Unknown
OB's per yr: No known outbreaks
Prodromes: N/A
Method of control: Just lucky, I guess

My Story: I was with someone who wouldn't get tested but had signs of
herpes. In January of 2001, I went to the doctor for a few tests. The
results came in. I am now the proud(?) owner of HSV2+ HSV1-. P.S. -
My thyroid is fine. :)

Medical Experiences: My doctor was wonderful. She sat with me, she let
me ask questions for more than 30 minutes, never once looking at her
watch or making me feel hurried. Bless her wonderful heart!

Telling: Most importantly, I told myself. Over and over again, I told
myself until it doesn't hurt to hear the word HERPES.

I told my three sons, 19, 17, 13, as soon as I found out, so they would
know why their mom was freaking out, allowing them to ask any questions
they might have.

I've told my closest friend/brother, allowing him to ask questions.

I told both of my sisters, one who also has Herpes.

I told another great friend.

I've told one potential partner. The result of telling him has been
somewhat confusing. I believe he is naturally concerned about
contracting herpes. (I do wish he would get tested!) I'm sure he is
wondering what would happen to him if he were to get herpes and we were
to part ways. He'd have to deal with having and telling someone else.
Our relationship has stalled. We haven't ended the relationship, but
have reduced it to Just Friends again.

Hindsight And Today: I do not know where nor when I received herpes.
It could have happened as a child. It might have happened with my last
partner. After finding out I had it, I was absolutely devastated. I
cried. I cussed. I felt dirty and quite ashamed and worked on
perfecting my skills at becoming a hermit. Then came this site.
Through reading other's questions and concerns, through offering help
and comfort to others, I've come to the conclusion that if the worst
thing that ever happens to me is that I have herpes, I have much to be
grateful for.

My motto: "What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?"