Me: Joanna 
Occupation: Self employed artist 
Age: 31 
Diagnosed: 2003 

How: I was dating a man after a big breakup, he was my "rebound" guy. He told me he had herpes but since I had dated someone else with GH, I wasn't concerned. We had sex with condoms at first, but then stopped as he seemed in control of knowing his prodromes, etc. Then one day he came over to my house to tell me he had an outbreak, and we had had sex the night before. I called my doc and she prescribed me some acyclovir and I took it for a week, 5 times a day. Two weeks later I had a tiny sore near my clitoris so I immediately went to see my doc (she came in on a Saturday to see me, she rocks!) and she did a culture. My sore was so insignificant and painless, I hoped it wasn't herpes, but alas, it was. I had a fever also and knew that could be a sign of it coming so I was paying close attention. That was 5 months ago and I still haven't had another outbreak, but I am very aware of what is happening in the nether region. About 3 weeks after being diagnosed, my boyfriend broke up with me because of "my weight", and then suggested my weight is the reason none of my other relationships have worked out! (I weigh 135 pounds and am not fat.) it was a horrible thing for him to say and hurt my feelings and has had worse repercussions on my mental health then getting the herpes! Needless to say, we broke up and I have barely talked to him since, as he is not the kind of person I want to be friends with. Unfortunately he did pass on the herpes, and I know that is worse for him to deal with than it is for me, and in a mean way, I am glad. Now I am more worried about being fat!!! 

Drugs: I have a prescription for acyclovir to take it 2ce a day as suppression, but since i have not yet had my 2nd outbreak, I am waiting to take it so I can learn to recognise the symptoms of prodrome in my own body. As of yet there have been no tell-tale signs, so....but if and when there are I will immediately take the acyclovir 5 times a day til the outbreak is gone.