Name: Rashy 
Occupation: lab tech 
Age: 32 
Type: genital, never been typed 
Year infected: 2003 (I think) prodromes: itching 
OBs per year: this is my first one 
Method of control: I'm still working on that. I've been soaking in epsom salt baths and applying hydrogen peroxide sometimes and hydrocortisone cream and cold wet wash cloths. 

My story: I've been dating a guy I met over the internet. First had sex with him last month. 2-3 days later I had intense itching on mons pubis area. I usually develop vaginitis after first sexual encounter with a new person, so I assumed that's what the symptoms could be attributed to. I called my doctor and was prescribed meds for bacterial vaginosis. Then of course I developed a yeast infection. I bought over the counter medication for that. This month, the itching returned a day before my period. I shaved all of my pubic hair to see if I could find anything on my skin. (I hoped that it was something easy to cure, like pubic lice). I found a very small, round spot of raw skin. I don't know if the razor spread the infection but later that night I developed a rash over the entire area. I have been waking up every couple of hours during the night to see if there are any changes and a few spots have popped up that look like tiny whiteheads. They disappeared and new ones showed up. After doing much research on the internet and through medical dictionaries and other reference books, I came to the self diagnosis of herpes. I am heartbroken. 

My entire life has been filled with bad experiences with men beginning with my father rejecting me at birth. I was diagnosed with genital warts in 2001 and I just found out that the combination of both infections increases my chances for cervical cancer. I'm angry at myself for being so careless and ignorant. I have a child and I have too much to live for. Through all the men I've slept with, all I've wanted was to find the "right one". Now I don't feel like dating anymore and have considered the possibility of remaining single indefinitely. I feel like screaming to the world: CONDOMS GIVE YOU A FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY!! BEWARE!! 

Telling: I haven't told the guy that I think gave it to me yet. I'm still trying to deal with it and don't know how to bring it up. I believe that if I ever date someone else I will have to tell them because I can't imagine it otherwise. I suppose if the person truly loves me, they will stay. Although I don't count on that happening.