Name: Rideabike
Sex: Male
Age: 41+
Yr. Infected: 1983
Occupation: Supply Clerk employed by a local daily publisher, 5 years.

Type: HSV2

Outbreaks: Since my original diagnosis I've been lucky in that I haven't experienced a serious outbreak, but I carefully monitor myself for the appearance of any blisters or sores.

Method of control
: A good diet (much thanks to my 2nd wife for helping me to get started on the right track there), vitamins including Lysine, and regular exercise. I also believe that stress in my life can be a factor in bringing on a spell, so I do my best to be even tempered and to not allow the little things in life to build up inside me. A regular exercise program helps me to achieve this, and the contact of good people helps me to keep a positive attitude.

My Story: I'm a Jack-of-all-trades, Master-of-none, but I've comfortably settled into the position I'm currently in. It allows me the most flexibility to pursue my personal activities in connection with Bicycling-for-Charities.