Name: Window Cleaner
Age: 35
Sex: M
Occupation: Business Owner
Type: HSV2
Yr. infected: 84
O.B's per year: First year had an OB per month. The next couple years had 3-4 per year. Have not had an OB in over five years.

Prodromes: Back of legs hurt, lymph nodes get sore and swollen. This will be followed by either an outbreak, or no outbreak.

Method of Control: My parents granted me with an outstanding immune system. Thanks for good genes. I do almost nothing for control, except with an outbreak I use triple antibiotic ointment on the sore.

My Story: Met my wife when I was 20. I was casually seeing another women, and stopped seeing her. Within a week of have sex with my then new girlfriend/now
wife I had my first outbreak. I was a medic in the Army, and knew it was Herpes. I told my ex-girlfriend, and she denied everything. I told her she should go see a doctor. I then told my new girlfriend/now wife, and she took the news in stride. My new girlfriend/now wife have been married for 15 years. I learned that herpes does not define you, or your relationships.

Medical Experiences: I was a medic in the Army, and went to see our doctor. He was very informed, and answered all 1,000 of my questions. I also read everything I could get my hands on about herpes.

Telling: I've told my ex-girlfriend, wife, family, and half a dozen friends. With the exception of my ex-girlfriend, nobody seem to concerned. In fact 2 of my friends told me they also had herpes. I think in most cases people react to how you view your situation.