Name: Amethyst
Age: 23
Sex: F
Yr Infected: 1997
Type: HSV2 (I think)

Prodromes: Itching and burning.

My Story: I was infected by my boyfriend-at-the-time the first time we had sex. After I started getting a really painful burning in the genital area, I forced myself to go to the doctor, knowing that I wouldn't like what I was going to be told. And the diagnosis, of
course, was Herpes. The doctor was very understanding and sympathetic while I cried there for awhile, and gave me a lot of information that was pretty helpful. And luckily, the first person I confided in, a dear friend, told me that she also is infected and that it really wasn't going to ruin my life. So with all the information I had gathered, I talked with my boyfriend. He said that he hadn't known he was infected, and I believe him. After my primary outbreak, which lasted about a week and a half and which was so painful that I could barely walk, I didn't have another OB for over a year. Then a month ago, BAM. A horrible outbreak, again really painful, and this time also spread to my mouth some, a few blisters on my inner cheeks. That one lasted about a week. And then a month later, now, I am having yet again another OB, which is even more painful and widespread that the last one. My tongue is covered in blisters so I can't even eat, and I even have a blister on my back. It's like I've been reinfected all over again and am going through all the depression once again.

Method of Control: I don't really have any method of control for this yet, because after the first year looked so promising, I didn't think I would need anything. I did get some Acyclovir prescribed with my primary OB, and have started taking it again now, but it doesn't seem to be helping much. Then again, I haven't been taking it very long. I
also ran out to the store a couple of days ago, desperate, and bought Echniacea, Ginkgo Biloba, Vitamin E, Lysine, and Zinc. But I'm worried about whether these will have side effects with the Acyclovir. And I'm also so anxious to try to get it to go away that I'm willing to try everything all at once, but that won't tell me which thing is actually

Telling: I'm lucky in the fact that everyone I have told has been really supportive about it, even to the extent of trying to find more information for me. I told a couple of good friends, but the hardest person to tell was my current boyfriend, the first person I've been intimate with since the breakup with the guy who infected me. It took me awhile to tell him, and it was very distressing, but he understood and still loves me just as much. Which, even with all the pain I am going through, makes me feel somewhat better.