Name: Apelover42
Age: 42
Sex: F
Occupation: Buyer/Planner
Type: HSV2
Year Infected: 1980
OB’s per year: 12+
Prodromal Symptoms: itching, tingling, leg pain, neuralgia
Method of Control: Valtrex daily (when I have insurance)
My Story: I grew up in the 70’s. My father was an alcoholic who beat me with a leather belt, and my mother was a martyr (still is) who was always crying. I sought love and understanding in the arms of older men who told me that they loved me. I was only 12 when I had my first sexual experiences and became very promiscuous as a result of all the attention it got me. I smoked a lot of pot and tried various drugs, but only stuck with the pot. I loved sex. I loved the attention. In 1980, I found out that I had contracted genital herpes and my whole world changed. I was 18 and finally woke up. I had slept with probably a hundred guys by the time that most young ladies were having their first sexual experience. Now I had the plague…at least that’s how I thought of it. I don’t remember having much sex until later, when I met my husband. We were married 8 years and had two children. He didn’t care about the herpes, all he wanted to do was screw. I never liked sex with him because he didn’t take care of his body. Well, I won’t go into the gory details, but he never got herpes and is now living happily ever after…somewhere else. I have had only two sex partners since him and have been up front with both of them. I did go on a few dates with someone and told him a bit too early, but I’m glad I did. On our next date, he brought a bunch of literature about barrier underwear and ultra thick condoms. I wasn’t that excited about sex with him. I think he was married anyhow. Needless to say, I postponed dating altogether about 5 years ago. I started counting the odds against me ever finding anyone to spend the rest of my life with and got discouraged. I’m 42 (almost 43), I have two teenage boys, I’m tall, but weigh 250 lbs, I’m stubborn as all heck, I’m not financially stable (but who is anymore?), and I have the creepy crawlies. Well, the heck with this! I’m going to just have fun with my kids and enjoy life, even if alone. I’ll just have to get a big purple hat! On the other hand…if you know any single guys…perfection not required.   One more thing…I love Gorilla’s, Orangutans and Chimps. If you want to make me really happy, just show me a big Ape.
Telling: Well, it’s always been difficult for me to tell, but I honestly believe that it is the right thing to do. My children do not know and my Father does not know, but my sister and Mother do…and of course, my ex-husband knows because I told him prior to our marriage. I am currently not dating, but if I were, I would wait about a year before telling and stay celibate the entire time.