Age: 21
Sex: F
Occupation: College Student
Year Infected: 1997
Type: Antibodies for both HSV 1 and HSV 2, but only have had symptoms of HSV2-genital.
Prodromes: Aching in legs, swollen and sensitive lymph nodes in my groin area, severe pain and itching
Number of OB's per year: Average- 8-10

: Tried Acyclovir: nothing noticeably happened. Famvir suppressive: 125 mg x 2 per day. Now nothing, no money for prescription and no bad outbreaks since, every once in a while a little tingle!

My Story: I had a boyfriend in high school for about 2 1/2 years off and on. He was my first love. I know he liked me but was not one for a monogamous relationship at the time. He claims to have never cheated on me, but my gut feeling (and others) tell me that he did. It's really not even worth looking back on. (Though I admit that sometimes I do!) Anyway, I had an outbreak when things weren't the best with us. He was not upset with me, he seemed to support me well. His support became less, we grew apart. Finally broke up for good. I had about four months of hell. Nothing seemed healthy and correct "down south" I wondered if I'd ever be the same.

Telling: I am a very open person. All of my close friends know. And then some. I attend a very small college and somehow it got out. I do not mind people knowing, since some do, they will ask me serious questions about it. I don't mind it because maybe I can prevent someone else getting it! I told my now current boyfriend of 10 months when I thought we might be getting into a serious relationship. He already knew from someone, and had done his research. I was blessed with a wonderful man. He is understanding, supportive, and best of all, does not care. Telling him was very scary, but it turned out to be fine. The more open you are about Herpes the better
you will be.

Today: I am a happy 21 year old. I try not to let Herpes slow me down. The only way it will slow me down is if I let it. I am busy with other things and deep into a wonderful relationship. We have a healthy sexual relationship for which I am thankful. We faithfully use condoms and he is home free (so far). He says he does not care, it will not kill him. I am truly blessed to have him. My family is supportive too. I hope that if anyone has this disease they are optimistic and don't dwell on the itch. It will always go away!