Name: Charles
Age: 44
Sex: M
Occupation: Ironworker
Type: Hsv2
Year infected: 1973

Treatment: I used Zovirax for approximately 1 year about 1990. I can't remember the dosage, but it was one cap daily. It worked great for about a year, then stopped working. I tried Zovirax again in '96 and '97 without much success. I read an article in a small booklet I got at the checkout lane of a supermarket in which an herbalist proclaimed the usefulness of Red Clover as an antiviral herb. In this article the herbalist cited some cases where he head seen Red Clover used against various viral diseases in which it was successful. Currently, I am drinking 16-24 oz. of Red Clover tea daily, 2 red clover capsules of 454 mg, and 500-1000 mg of L-Lysine daily. This seems to be working better for me than anything else I have tried. I'm not sure whether the Red Clover tea is doing any good, or if it is just the L-Lysine, but I may do a little experimenting to try and find out. Also during an outbreak, I use massive amounts of cornstarch powder which alleviates most of the discomfort due to rubbing and sweating.

My story: I was diagnosed with HSV2 in Vietnam near the close of our operations there. At the time, there were no known treatments. The first thing they tried on me was Erythromycin. Large quantities of it. About all I got out of that was really bad stomach aches. No-one I knew had ever heard of this disease, so I felt pretty much alone. I was told by doctors for the next few years that it could not be passed on unless there were visible sores. I was very sexually active for some years, so there's no telling how many people I may have infected. I am still having some trouble with that, but there's nothing of course I can do about it now. I was married in '95 to a woman I had been dating for 3
years who as far as I know had not been infected by me. I finally couldn't keep it to myself any longer, so I told her about my gift, to which she responded fairly well. I did end up passing it on to her via carelessness on both our parts, and we subsequently were divorced. Not entirely due to the herpes, but it was a major point. That has been 2
years ago as of Thanksgiving '98, and I haven't dated since. I found this forum a short time before Christmas '98, and am spending some time reading and contributing when I feel I have some worthwhile input. Am learning much from this forum, and I'm thankful it's here.