Name: Colorado Dreamin
Age: 35
Sex: F
Occupation: Wildlife Tech.
Year infected: 1991
Type: Herpes simplex 2
Outbreaks: once a year

Prodromes: aches in legs, swollen lymph nodes in groin, tingly itchy sensation.

Method of Control
: good diet, stress free, happy.

My Story: I got this, I believe, from a boyfriend that had a sore on his lip. I broke up with him shortly after being infected, but did not know I had it at the time (we broke up for other reasons). I had an OB about 2 months later but still did not know what it was. I finally got checked out and it hit me like a brick wall. That was in 1992 and I still have trouble dealing with it. I have kept it to myself and I have only told a very few. I find it very hard to try to get to know guys when I know I have this disease. I have therefore kept my life very busy, not having time for a "relationship" but that is getting old.

Telling: As I said above, I have a hard time "telling". I usually run instead. I did tell the last guy I was dating when things started to look like they were going to get romantic. He was very receptive and understanding, but the sex that followed a week later was very superficial and lacked real intimacy. I do not know if it because he knew I had herpes or if that's just the way it was. He broke up with me via e-mail not long after. I have had relationships (short) with others that I did not tell, but always used a condom, but I just cannot do that anymore and I really want a meaningful relationship.

For the future: I hope to meet people in the same situation so I can discuss this life and learn how others deal with it. I am educated, independent, fun and very sexual. So, how do I deal with meeting guys?