Name: Dawn
Yr infected: 98
Occupation: Aircraft Mechanic

Number of OBs: 0-4 yr

Meds: Acyclovir

My Story: I was 17, young (naive) and in a new relationship. When we started having sex I asked if he was clean... of course the answer was yes. We had protected sex all the time except once, a few weeks later I was at the clinic being told I had genital herpes. I stayed in this relationship thinking that no one would want me. I had the same view as most people, only whores get a disease (I had only slept with four people and saw myself as a filthy whore). The relationship grew steadily more abusive and I realized I would rather be alone than be with that man. For nearly a year I hid myself away and did not tell anyone and did not date. Then I meet a man I felt comfortable talking with, just someone to have fun with and perhaps bring me back into the light of day. After about a week and a half of seeing him I told him how I got herpes.... it did not matter to him, he cared for me for who I was and did not judge me based on this disease. He gave me hope and a new view on living with herpes. He is everything I prayed for: loving, understanding, compassionate, accepting, forgiving, but most of all he has become my best friend. We love together, laugh together, sometimes cry together... but best of all we talk openly to one another. I have no secrets with him, and he has none with me. There is hope, and this disease is not the end of life or sex as you know it, but only by being honest with yourself and your partner can you let go of the hurt and anger that is felt. I count my blessings everyday to have this man in my life, and my love for him grows with each warm touch and each smile. I hope everyone finds the happiness I have... may God Bless your lives.