Age: 23
Sex: Female
Occupation: Law
Type: HSV II
Year Diagnosed: March 2000

My Story:

I had a pap smear in 1996 that showed inflammatory changes suggestive of herpes. At that time my doc advised me that it was just "suggestive" and that didn't mean anything and not to worry about it unless I had an outbreak. I never experienced any OB until March 2000. On Friday, March 3, 2000 I started feeling really run down and exhausted, headache, and severe back pain. Later that night, I went to the bathroom and noticed a huge "cut" and two "pimples" beside it. I was very lucky that I didn't spread it as much as I looked at it and touched it. The pain kept getting worse and urinating was impossible. I contacted my doc on Saturday and Sunday and he indicated that it was from rough intercourse and take some Tylenol and relax. On Monday I went to the doc and he thought it might be herpes 50/50 chance, like no big deal. The tests came back positive and here I am. My doc believes that I have had it since at least 1996 and it just showed up. Or I could have gotten it from my current boyfriend but who knows, and it really doesn't matter what is done is done.


I first told my office manager at work because I was crying so much I had to tell someone and I work in a very close office. Which I am glad that I did because she also has it and she has been a great source of information and support. I then told my boyfriend which to this day I don't think he believes it. He has never been tested, but I did see a crusted sore on his shaft two days after my first OB. I have also told my sister who is a nurse (you'd think I died the way she reacted). I had to educate her on the facts and she wanted to place blame. She blamed it on my sceezy ex whom I dated for five years and cheated on me every chance he got. (That is a whole different support group.)

I currently have good and bad days. Sometimes it bothers me sometimes it doesn't. It was bad enough trying to get dates since I am a single mother of two, now this on top of it. I guess I can consider it a blessing it will weed out the good guys from the bad.