Name: Jerry
Age: 45
Sex: M
Occupation: Painter
Type: HSV2 
Yr. Infected: 1981
OB's per yr: 2 - 4

Prodromes: Tingling, itching at site of ob. Occasionally also get shooting pains in leg, and/or skin hypersensitivity on thigh and butt.

Method of Control: I don't do anything

My Story: I got my gift from an on again off again girlfriend. I didn't even know I had anything for a while. I was so young and naive. Then I figured something wasn't right I got diagnosed. I started taking Zovirax which was all that was available at the time. It didn't seem to do very much and the topical creme didn't either. Eventually I just stopped any form of preventative therapy and now I just deal with them as they come. I only get a few mild obs a year so I'm cool with it.

Medical Experiences: Just my initial diagnosis

Telling: I was married for 12 years to my ex and she was the first person I told. As it turned out she had it also and it was a huge relief for both of us. I haven't told too many people, other than that.